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Periodical Articles

June 2018


Periodical Articles

January 2017

  • (Re)defining Race: Assessing the Consequences of the Law’s Failure to Define Race, Cardozo Law Review (forthcoming 2017).


Periodical Articles

December 2015

  • Does Cognitive Depletion Shape Bias Detection in Minority Group Members?, 33 Social Cognition 241 (2015) (Co-authored by: Evelyn Carter, Mary Murphy, and Jennifer Richeson).


Periodical Articles

December 2011

  • The Colorblind Ideal in a Race Conscious Reality: The Case for a New Legal Ideal for Race Relations, 6 Northwstern Journal of Law And Social Policy 473 (2011).


Periodical Articles

December 2010

  • Broadening Horizons: Considerations for Creating a More Complete Science of Diversity, 21 Psychological Inquiry 146 (2010) (Co-authored by: Jennifer A. Richeson).


Periodical Articles

December 2009

  • Achieving Diversity on the Jury: Jury Size and the Peremptory Challenge, 6 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 425 (2009) (Co-authored by: Shari S. Diamond, Francis Dolan, and Emily Dolan).
  • Ambiguity and Ambivalence in the Voting Booth and Beyond: A Social-Psychological Perspective on Racial Attitudes and Behavior in the Obama Era, 6 Du Bois Review 71 (2009) (Co-authored by: Galen V. Bodenhausen).


Periodical Articles

December 2008

  • Black + White = Black: Hypodescent in Reflexive Categorization of Racially Ambiguous Faces, 19 Psychological Science 973 (2008) (Co-authored by: Galen V. Bodenhausen).