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Contributions to Books etc.

September 2018

March 2018

  • Jury Research in THE ROOTS OF MODERN PSYCHOLOGY & LAW: A NARRATIVE HISTORY, edited by Thomas Grisso & Stanley Brodsky (2018) at Page 61.

Periodical Articles

September 2018

May 2018

  • The Contemporary American Jury in ___ ANNUAL REVIEW OF LAW & SOCIAL SCIENCE ___ (forthcoming 2018) (Co-authored by: Mary Rose).


Periodical Articles

April 2017


Books and other Monographs

July 2016


Contributions to Books etc.

February 2016

  • The Cases for and against Blindfolding the Jury in BLINDING AS A SOLUTION TO BIAS: STRENGTHENING BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE, FORENSIC SCIENCE, AND LAW, edited by Robertson, C.T., Kesselheim, A.S. (2016).

Periodical Articles

December 2016

  • Race and Jury Selection: The Pernicious Effects of Backstrikes in 59 HOWARD UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 705 (2016) (Co-authored by: Joshua Kaiser).
  • Increasing Jury Representativeness in 55 JUDGES’ JOURNAL 16 (2016) (Co-authored by: Honorable William Caprathe (Ret.), Paula Hannaford-Agor, and Stephanie M. Loquvam).
  • Forensic Bitemark Identification: Weak Foundations, Exaggerated Claims in 3 JOURNAL OF LAW & THE BIOSCIENCES 538 (2016) (Co-authored by: et al.).


Contributions to Books etc.

April 2015

  • Juries in INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, 2nd Ed. (Oxford: Elsevier 2015) at Page 907.

Periodical Articles

December 2015

  • The Decisionmaking Process of the Jury [El Proceso de Toma del Decisión del Jurado] in II CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE JURICIO POR JURADOS 11 (2015) (Co-authored by: M. Rose, & B. Murphy).

October 2015

  • The Psychology of the Decision-Making Process: Implications for International Arbitration in ASIAN DISPUTE REVIEW 197 (Oct. 2015).

August 2015

  • What a (Very) Smart Judge Knows About Juries in 64 DEPAUL LAW REVIEW 373 (2015) (Co-authored by: Francis Doorley).

January 2015

  • The Hidden Daubert Factor: How Judges Use Error Rates in Assessing Scientific Evidence in 2014 WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW 1063 (Co-authored by: John Meixner).


Periodical Articles

December 2014

  • T.C. Cook & T.Y. Tang are the authors of Causally Valid Relationships That Invoke the Wrong Causal Agent: Construct Validity of the Cause in Policy Research in 5 JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL WORK AND RESEARCH 379 (2014).

July 2014

  • Trademark Surveys: An Undulating Path in 92 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 2029-2073 (2014) (Co-authored by: David Franklyn).

April 2014

  • Embedded Experts on Real Juries: A Delicate Balance in 55 WILLIAM & MARY LAW REVIEW 885-933 (2014) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose, and Beth Murphy).


Contributions to Books etc.

November 2013

  • Empirical Analysis of Juries in Tort Case in Research Handbook on the Economics of Torts, edited by Jennifer H. Arlen (Edward Elgar 2013) at Pages 414-435 (Co-authored by: Jessica M. Salerno).

Newspaper Articles

July 2013

  • Zimmerman Trial: Time to Reconsider Six-Member Jury in MIAMI HERALD (July 15, 2013) (Note: The MIAMI HERALD agreed to publish this op-ed before the jury delivered its verdict in the Zimmerman case and this op-ed could not be commenting on a verdict that had yet to be reached when it was written).

Periodical Articles

August 2013

  • The Modern American Jury: A Hundred Year Journey in 96 JUDICATURE 315 (2013) (Co-authored by: Andrea Ryken).

May 2013

  • Does Criminal Diversion Contribute to the Vanishing Civil Trial in 62 DEPAUL LAW REVIEW 443-477 (2013) (Co-authored by: John B. Meixner).


Books and other Monographs

July 2012

  • Trademark and Deceptive Advertising Surveys: Law, Science, and Design (American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law 2012) (Co-authored by: Jerre B. Swann).

Contributions to Books etc.

July 2012

  • Surveys in Dilution Cases II in Trademark and Deceptive Advertising Surveys (2012) at Page 155.
  • Control Foundations: Rationales and Approaches in Trademark and Deceptive Advertising Surveys (2012) at Page 201.
  • Internet Surveys for Evaluating Trademark Infringement and Deceptive Advertising in Trademark and Deceptive Advertising Surveys (2012) at Page 287 (Co-authored by: Roger Tourangeau).

Periodical Articles

November 2012

  • The “Kettleful of Law” in Real Jury Deliberations: Successes, Failures, and Next Steps in 106 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1537-1608 (Co-authored by: Beth Murphy, and Mary R. Rose).

May 2012

  • Thoughts on Total Justice in 30 QUINNIPIAC LAW REVIEW 467-479 (2012).

March 2012

  • Selected to Serve: An Analysis of Lifetime Jury Participation in 9 JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES 33-55 (2012) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose, and Marc A. Musick).


November 2012


Contributions to Books etc.

September 2011

  • Reference Guide on Survey Research in Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, 3rd edition (Federal Judicial Center/National Academy of Sciences 2011) at Pages 359-423.

Periodical Articles

December 2011

  • Damage Anchors on Real Juries in 8 JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES 148-78 (2011) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose, Beth Murphy, & John Meixner).

September 2011

  • Law on Display: The Digital Transformation of Legal Persuasion and Judgment in 45 LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW 516-17 (2011).

January 2011

  • Efficiency and Cost: The Impact of Videoconferenced Hearings on Bail Decisions in 100 JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW & CRIMINOLOGY 869-902 (2010) (Co-authored by: Locke E. Bowman, Manyee Wong, and Matthew M. Patton).


Periodical Articles

November 2010

  • Empirical Scholarship in Law Reviews in 6 ANNUAL REVIEW OF LAW & SOCIAL SCIENCE 581-99 (2010) (Co-authored by: Pam Mueller ).

August 2010

  • Goffman on the Jury: Real Jurors’ Attention to the “Offstage” of Trials in 34 LAW AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR 310-323 (2010) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose, and Kim M. Butler ).

February 2010

  • Jurors’ Discussions of a Defendant’s History of Child Abuse and Alcohol Abuse in Capital Sentencing Deliberations in 16 PSYCHOLOGY, PUBLIC POLICY, AND LAW 1-38 (2010) (Co-authored by: Margaret C. Stevenson, and Bette L. Bottoms ).


Periodical Articles

August 2009

  • Achieving Diversity on the Jury: Jury Size and the Peremptory Challenge in 6 JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES 425-449 (2009) (Co-authored by: Destiny Peery, Francis J. Dolan, and Emily Dolan ).

July 2009

  • Offstage Behavior: Real Jurors’ Scrutiny of Non-Testimonial Conduct in 58 DEPAUL LAW REVIEW 311-342 (2009) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose ).


Contributions to Books etc.

November 2008

  • Jury Decisions Versus Judges’ Decisions in Encyclopedia of Psychology & Law, edited by Brian L. Cutler (Sage Publications 2008) (Co-authored by: Pam Mueller ).

October 2008

  • Juror Reactions to Attorneys at Trial: Opening Statements, Witnesses, and Cross Examination in Analyzing Law’s Reach: Empirical Research on Law and Society (American Bar Association 2008) (Co-authored by: Jonathan Casper, Cami L. Heiert, and Anna Maria Marshall).
  • Revisiting the Unanimity Requirement: The Behavior of the Non-Unanimous Civil Jury in Analyzing Law’s Reach: Empirical Research on Law and Society (American Bar Association 2008) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose and Beth Murphy).

April 2008

  • Government Takings of Private Property in Public Opinion and Constitutional Controversy, edited by Nathaniel Persily, Jack Citrin, and Patrick J. Egan (Oxford University Press 2008) (Co-authored by: Janice Nadler and Matthew M. Patton).

Periodical Articles

December 2008

  • Eminent Domain and the Psychology of Property Rights; Proposed Use, Subjective Attachment, and Taker Identity in 5 JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES 713-749 (2008) (Co-authored by: Janis Nadler ).

September 2008

  • Judging Bias: Juror Confidence and Judicial Rulings on Challenges for Cause in 42 LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW 513-549 (2008) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose ).

June 2008

  • Preferences for Juries over Judges across Racial and Ethnic Groups in 89 SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY 372-391 (2008) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose, and Christopher Ellison).

April 2008

  • Trademark Dilution: Of Fame, Blurring, and Sealing Wax, with a Touch of Judicial Wisdom in 24 SANTA CLARA COMPUTER & HIGH TECHNOLOGY LAW JOURNAL 521-540 (2008).

March 2008

book review

  • How Jurors Deal with Expert Testimony and How Judges Can Help in 16 JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLICY 47-67 (2007).


Contributions to Books etc.

September 2007

  • Psychological Contributions to Evaluating Witness Testimony in Beyond Common Sense: Psychological Science in the Courtroom, edited by Eugene Borgida and Susan Fiske (Blackwell Publishing 2007).

Periodical Articles

December 2007

  • Verdict in on Jury Deliberations in 12 THE YOUNG LAWYER 2 (2008).

September 2007

March 2007

  • No Defense Against the Camera-Perspective Effect in 18 PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE 224-226 (2007 ) (Co-authored by: G. Daniel Lassiter, Heather C. Schmidt, and Jennifer K. Elek).

February 2007


Contributions to Books etc.

January 2006

Periodical Articles

December 2006

October 2006

  • The Costs and Benefits—But Mostly Benefits—of Unanimity in 78 CALIFORNIA COURTS REVIEW 10-13 (Fall 2006) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose and Beth Murphy).

January 2006

  • Revisiting the Unanimity Requirement: The Behavior of the Non-Unanimous Civil Jury in 100 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 201-230 (2006) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose, and Beth Murphy).


Periodical Articles

November 2005

  • Real Juries in 1 ANNUAL REVIEW OF LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (2005) (Co-authored by: Mary R. Rose).


Contributions to Books etc.

June 2004

  • Competence of Jurors and Jury Reform in The Participation of Non-Legal Professionals and Citizens in Modern Judiciary (Symposium held by the Kyoto University Graduate School of Law) at Pages 109-126.

Periodical Articles

November 2004

  • Jurors Unanswered Questions in 41 COURT REVIEW 20 (2004) (Co-authored by: M.R. Rose, and B. Murphy).


Contributions to Books etc.

October 2003

August 2003

  • Scientific Jury Selection: What Social Scientists Know and Do Not Know in The Jury Trial in Criminal Justice, edited by Douglas D. Koski (Carolina Academic Press 2003) at Pages 232-242.


February 2003

  • Juror Discussions During Civil Trials: Studying an Arizona Innovation (American Bar Foundation Working Paper #2123, 2002) (Co-authored by: Neil Vidmar, Mary Rose, Leslie Ellis, and Beth Murphy).

Periodical Articles

November 2003

September 2003

June 2003

March 2003


Contributions to Books etc.

September 2002

April 2002

  • Juries in International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, edited by N.J. Smelser and P.B. Baltes (Elsevier 2001) at Pages 8031-8037.
  • Jury: Behavioral Aspects in Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (Macmillan 2001) at Pages 865-870.

Periodical Articles

December 2002

  • Shari Seidman Diamond is a contributor to In Memoriam: Howard B. Eisenberg in 86 MARQUETTE LAW REVIEW 228-229 (2002) .

September 2002

  • Legal Perceptions of Science and Expert Knowledge in 8 PSYCHOLOGY, PUBLIC POLICY, AND LAW 139-153 (2002) (Co-authored by: Joseph Sanders and Neil Vidmar).

June 2002

  • Comment on the Age Discrimination Example in 42 JURIMETRICS JOURNAL 315-320 (2002).

January 2002


Contributions to Books etc.

May 2001

  • Expert Testimony in Encyclopedia of Psychology, edited by Alan E. Kazdin (Oxford University Press 2000) at Volume 3, Pages 301-303 .

Periodical Articles

August 2001

  • Measured Endorsement in 60 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW 713-760 (2001) (Co-authored by: Andrew Koppelman) .

June 2001

  • The Conflict Between Precision and Flexibility in Explaining 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt' in 6 PSYCHOLOGY, PUBLIC POLICY AND LAW 769-787 (2000) (Co-authored by: E. Stoffelmayr) .


Contributions to Books etc.

September 2000

  • Reference Guide on Survey Research in Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, 2nd ed. (Federal Judicial Center 2000) at Pages 229-276.

August 2000

  • Legal Applications of Survey Research, Supplement in Modern Scientific Evidence, edited by Faigman, Kay, Saks, and Sanders (West Group 2000).


Periodical Articles

April 1999