Clinical Appointments

Communication and Legal Reasoning (CLR) program
The Communication and Legal Reasoning program emphasizes teamwork and collaboration among students. Like most legal writing courses, CLR introduces students to case law and statutory analysis, legal research, and good writing principles through assignments involving the creation of traditional predictive and persuasive legal documents. In addition, the program seeks to develop creative ideas about how to foster students’ analytical skills in both written and oral communication. Each member of the CLR faculty teaches one section of approximately 28 students. We are looking for colleagues who have innovative teaching ideas and a vision of how to prepare students to succeed as attorneys in the twenty-first century.

A candidate should be an exceptional writer who has a law degree, a strong academic record, interest in teaching and editing, and some legal or other teaching experience.

To apply for a position in the CLR program, please send your resume, undergraduate and law school transcripts, one or more short writing samples, and at least two references to Michelle Falkoff, Director of Communication and Legal Reasoning and Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law, 375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611.

The writing samples should be teaching assignments that you have developed or legal memos, briefs, or other practice documents that we teach our students to prepare.   Please do not send law review articles.