Research Support

Faculty Assistant Direct Support
Each faculty member is matched with a faculty assistant committed to providing ongoing instructional and professional support.

Faculty can count on their designated assistants for a wide range of course-related tasks, including proctoring exams,  ordering books and supplies, procuring rooms and A/V equipment, posting and managing course materials, and processing expense reports and reimbursements. 

Additionally, faculty assistants execute or assist with other administrative items related to professional development, such as travel arrangements, event coordination and preparation, transcribing or composing documents and correspondence, maintaining files, and implementing technological solutions as necessary.

Research Accounts
The majority of faculty receive an annual allocation to support their research needs.  Expenses commonly charged to research accounts include travel related expenses (food, airfare, car rental, hotel, etc.), books, membership dues, software programs, conference fees, research assistants,  professional development related charges, postage, auxiliary computers, printers,  and toner. 

If you have any questions on what is allowable for expense reimbursement, please speak with a member of your faculty support team.