Spotlight on Scholarship

Spotlight on Scholarship

The Northwestern Law faculty produces world-class scholarship on a diverse range of contemporary legal issues. Our faculty are influencers in the modern legal academy — their research is cited in Supreme Court decisions, called upon in expert witness testimony, and featured in the popular press. The Spotlight on Scholarship highlights a sampling of their work, connecting it to events at Northwestern Law as well as happenings in the legal world at large. 

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American Law and Economics Association Conference

Ezra Freidman, Alex Lee, Sarath Sanga, David Schwartz, Matthew Spitzer

Sarath Sanga and Tonja Jacobi

Conference on Empirical Legal Studies

Sarath Sanga and Tonja Jacobi

Law Professors Pedraza-Farina and Schwartz

Intellectual Property and Patent Law

Laura Pedraza-Fariña and David Schwartz


Paradigm Shifters: Changing the Conversation

Ron Allen, Martin Redish, 
and Deborah Tuerkheimer


The British Judicial System

James Pfander, Erin Delaney,
and Emily Kadens