The TEaCH LAW Hub at Northwestern Pritzker Law provides resources for faculty to explore, learn, and implement new technology in legal education. Our goal is to help educators integrate tools that will enhance teaching, student engagement, clinic client representation, and scholarly research. Here you’ll find a library research guide, video demonstrations of education technology, and links to other resources.

Technology innovation is changing the practice of law and Northwestern Law is committed to helping students acquire the necessary skills to adapt to and influence those changes. To best prepare them for this new environment, course curriculum must address the following topics:

  1. Law of technology
    Familiarity with the legislation and regulation of technology, including the debates around cybersecurity, net neutrality, privacy, and more.
  2. Technology of law
    Knowledge of tech tools meant for the legal industry; for example, AI-based research, document automation and technology-assisted reviews.
  3. Technology fluency
    Ability to discuss, navigate and use the technical innovations at our disposal with comfort and ease.

Find resources for the following areas:


Disrupt the Norm: Technology for Today's Classroom (video)

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