Faculty Affiliates In the News

12/5/14 TEL 105: A Look Inside: "The Innovative Entrepreneur" with Daniel F. Spulber (Podcast)

11/18/14 Amazon Settles Labor Board Complaint on Workers’ Rights, Zev Eigen in Bloomberg

11/17/14 New project on the creation of a concordance table between the technological classifications of patents and standards

8/27/14 Dan Spulber Explores the Innovative Entrepreneur, Dan Spulber in Technology, Academics, Policy (TAP) Blog

7/28/14 Economists recommend against Partners merger with South Shore Hospital, Leemore Dafny in The Enterprise

3/26/14 Evolv Partners with Top Universities to Power Innovative Workforce Research

3/13/14 More Data Needed in Ongoing Patent Troll Debate, Daniel F. Spulber in Inside Counsel

3/12/14 Patent Data Missing in Troll Debate, Daniel F. Spulber in InformationWeek

3/12/14 Patent Data Missing in Troll Debate, Daniel F. Spulber in EE Times

11/22/13 A New Judicial Boss, Bernie Black in The Economist

11/19/13 The Emerging National Electricity Market: Regulators Take Note, Daniel F. Spulber in Business Law Prof Blog

10/03/13 Analysis: Jackson case will change the tune for concert, artist insurance, Zev Eigen in Reuters

8/27/13 $2M Gift Fuels Northwestern's Patent Law Investigation, Searle Center in Corporate Counsel

8/27/13 Do patents spur innovation?, Searle Center in Inside Counsel

8/27/13 QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) Has Given $2 Million To Northwestern For Undertaking Intellectual Property Research, Searle Center in eFinance

8/27/13 Qualcomm, Northwestern, YouTube: Intellectual Property, Searle Center in Bloomberg

8/23/13 Qualcomm gifts $2M to Northwestern’s law school to investigate patents’ role in innovation, Searle Center in ABA Journal

08/19/13 Power networking: Chicago's most active networking groups, Shane Greenstein in Crain's Chicago Business

08/14/13 Rosenthal: Feds have reservations on American and US Airways, Ezra Friedman in the Chicago Tribune

08/11/13 Outside Opinion: Arguments about neighborhood character misguided, Nadav Shoked in the Chicago Tribune

07/28/13 South Loop land deals at the corner of business and politics, David Dana in the Chicago Tribune

07/19/13 Why Isn't There A Union In MMA?, Zev Eigen in SB Nation

07/10/13 European Court Invalidates “Whole-Life” Sentences: Fuzzy International Norms Erode Sovereignty, Freedoms, and Safety, John O. McGinnis in Open Market

07/08/13 A 'Mea Culpa', John O. McGinnis on NPR

07/05/13 As We Approach 237, Steven G. Calabresi in Family Security Matters

07/05/13 Whose Term Was It? A Look Back At The Supreme Court, John O. McGinnis on Utah Public Radio

07/01/13 Kodak Vote Leaves Two Options, But Only One Is Likely, Kenneth M. Ayotte in

06/23/13 Judge's activism draws criticism, Max Schanzenbach in Delaware Online

06/22/13 Yakima Petitioners Make Pre-Emptive Tax Strike, John O. McGinnis in Yakima Herald

06/14/13 Former FTC chairman warns against race to plant flag on Google, PaRR (Policy and Regulatory Report)

06/13/13 Non-reportable transactions can harm competition, but complainants' role may depend on jurisdiction, PaRR (Policy and Regulatory Report)

06/13/13 FTC Commissioner Ohlhausen Discusses International Cooperation, Warns That Agencies Are Watching, Wolters Kluwer’s Antitrust Law Daily

06/13/13 Update on International Cooperation and Convergence: Remarks of Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission at the Fourth Annual Chicago Forum on International Antitrust Issues, Northwestern University School of Law, June 13, 2013

05/15/13 Why Inventors Should Become Entrepreneurs, Daniel F. Spulber in

04/23/13 A Supreme Rebuke to Global Forum-Shopping, Eugene Kontorovich in the Wall Street Journal

04/17/13 Supreme Court Limits Suits over Foreign Abuses, Eugene Kontorovich in Associated Press

04/05/13 Social Media Panel Offers Practical Solutions to Modern Problems, Searle Center and Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property (JTIP) on Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP)

03/15/13 TortsProf Blog Write up of Searle Center Book Conference on An Injury Law Constitution by Marshall S. Shapo

03/01/13 Andrea Matwyshyn Discusses Social Media Issues at Upcoming Eighth Annual JTIP Symposium, Searle Center on Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP)

02/27/13 Think Artists Don't Make Anything Off Music Sales? These Graphs Prove You Wrong, Peter DiCola in The Atlantic

02/21/13 John McGinnis on Accelerating Democracy, John O. McGinnis in WFAE-FM

02/02/13 Fixing Common Affairs: Some Ideas For Making Government More Businesslike, John O. McGinnis in The Economist

01/29/13 More Campaign Spending Will Strengthen Our Democracy, John O. McGinnis in Forbes

01/18/13 Are HMV's Woes Really Detrimental For Musicians?, Peter DiCola in Irish Times

01/14/13 Music Sales Are Just 6% of Average Musician's Income, Peter C. DiCola in TorrentFreak

12/01/12 Is Wikipedia Biased? Verifying the "Neutral Point Of View", Shane Greenstein in Kellogg Insight

11/01/12 Judge Fights to Uphold Delaware's Reputation of Being Fair to Corporations, Bernard Black in ABA Journal

09/19/12 Scalia Wages War of Words with Federal Appeals Judge in Chicago, John O. McGinnis in The Chicago Tribune

09/06/12 The 12 Best Papers on Antitrust & the Digital Economy, Daniel F. Spulber in The Technology Liberation Front

07/16/12 CPS, Teachers Union Set to Reject Arbitrator's Report, Zev J. Eigen in The Chicago Tribune

06/28/12 The Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards, Tonja Jacobi in WBEZ

06/25/12 Gov. Cuomo Prefers His Water Aflame, David A. Dana in America Blog

06/21/12 There Goes Paradise, David A. Dana in The Chicago Tribune

06/19/12 Professors Spulber, Choi, Greenstein, and Athey on Internet Search and Innovation, Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP)

06/15/12 Young Listeners Opting to Stream, Not Own Music, Peter C. DiCola in CNN

06/12/12 Professors Spulber, Kieff, and Ziedonis to Participate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP)

06/11/12 9 Out of 10 CPS Teachers Authorize Strike, Zev J. Eigen in The Chicago Tribune

06/06/12 Teacher Resolve Being Tested in Strike Authorization Vote, Zev J. Eigen in The Chicago Tribune

05/22/12 Cable Companies Offer Free Wi-Fi - What's The Catch?, James B. Speta in American Public Media- Marketplace

03/29/12 Spotlight on Public Law: Professor John McGinnis, Word on the Streeterville

02/21/12 Sunlight, Camera, Action!, Zev J. Eigen in The Chicago Tribune

02/17/12 Peter Dicola to Moderate "Copyright And The Future Of Entertainment", Peter C. DiCola in Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP)

02/15/12 Merger Lawsuits Often Mean No Cash for Investors, Bernie Black in Bloomberg

01/30/12 Eye Of Newt: Songwriter Sues Gingrich for Using 'Eye Of The Tiger' Music, Peter C. DiCola in the Chicago Tribune

01/28/12 Some Doctors Try to Squelch Online Reviews, James B. Speta in The Washington Post

01/30/12 Perry's Good Idea, Steven G. Calabresi and James T. Lindgren in The New Yorker

11/13/11 Victimized Twice: Fear Of Scrutiny Can Silence Sexual-Harassment Victims, Zev Eigen in Chicago Tribune

08/11/11 FTC Proposal for Regulating IP Will Harm Consumers, Daniel F. Spulber in IP Watchdog