Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program

Senior Research Program

The Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Current Projects

Supervising FacultyStudentProject Topic
Allen,Ronald Rizek,Dimitri Global Trends In Evidence Law Reform
Arimond,Bridget Flores,Zahira The Exclusionary Rule: Issues In The Use Of Evidence In Legal Proceedings Under International Law.
Barsa,Michael Salter,Ashley Federal And State Hurdles To Dam Removal
Bedi,Sheila Ahmed,Abir The Crisis Of Juvenile Prisons In The Country
Bedi,Sheila Hosseinian,Azadeh Juvenile De-Incarceration
Black,Bernard Clifford,Thomas Big Administrative Walls To Big Data Solutions In Healthcare
Chadha,Paul Kim,Mina The Shifting Pedagogy Of Law School Negotiation Curriculum
Delaney,Erin Blakeman,Heather The Aristocratic Constitution
Francis,Clinton DeFoe,Jacqueline A Simulation Of The Patent Prosecution Process
Francis,Clinton Zhang,Xudong The Pending Bankruptcy: The Economic Analysis Of The Bankruptcy Legal System In China.
Geraghty,Thomas Bellville,Julie A Study Of Malawi Surety Law And Policy Recommendations
Geraghty,Thomas Connor,Kevin The Need For Right Of Access To Information Among Prisoners In Malawi
Geraghty,Thomas O'Rourke,William Criminal Justice In Malawi And The Need For Sentencing Guidelines
Horwich,Allan Lerman,Rodion Equity Research Quiet Periods And Potential Liabilities For Bookrunners'
Jacobi,Tonja Cuevas,Jesse-Justin The Hidden Psychology Of Criminal Procedure.
Jacobi,Tonja Gordon,Matthew Issues Surrounding Reform Of Miranda
Jacobi,Tonja Green,David Police, Mistake Of Law, And Reasonable Suspicion After Heien V. North Carolina
Lindgren,James Ashkar,Nasri Customized Legislation: The Need For Dedicated Public-Private Partnership Laws In Developing Countries
Loeb,Nancy Buettner,Shelby The National Environmental Policy Act: An Opportunity To Integrate Sex And Gender Considerations Within Agency Decision-Making
Lupo,James Buhler,Eunice The Study And Practice Of Advocacy For Religious Freedom Through Persuasive Oration.
Lupo,James Ovitz,Eric Louis Brandeis V. Jules Verne: Predictive Fiction As Persuasive Authority
McGinnis,John O'Halloran,Kelly Taking The Finality Out Of Final Rules: A Bayesian Perspective Of Rulemaking
Owen,Robert Cahill,Casey Racial Justice & The Death Penalty
Owen,Robert Tirman,Michael Expanding On An Eighth Amendment Due Process
Pedraza-Fariña,Laura Turner,Charles Scarcity Of Ideas And Justifications For Patent Protection.
Peery,Destiny Sherman,T'Shae Reimagining Implicit Racial Bias
Pfander,James Corbett,Ross Bivens Claims Related To The War On Terrorism
Pfander,James Damrau,Emily A Non-Contentious Account Of Article III's Domestic Relations Exception.
Pfander,James Leigh,Daniel Standing In The Eighteenth Century Courts Of Session
Presser,Stephen Smith,Brian The Story Of United States V. O'Hagan: When Outsiders Become Insider Traders
Redish,Martin Heins,Matthew Postmodern Constitutionalism
Redish,Martin Lonky,Hannah Prudential Justiciability And Separation Of Powers: Lexmark And Beyond
Redish,Martin McCall,Kristin Neutral Adjudication And The Mystery Of The Administrative Process.
Redish,Martin Roosevelt,Nicholas The Purposivist Majordomo: What State-Federal Preclusion And The Full Faith And Credit Statute Can Teach Us About The Theory Of Statutory Interpretation
Reed,Stephen Rogers,Harrison From 40-Love To Break Point: An Event Study And Legal Analysis Of ATP’s Fee-Shifting By-Law
Rubinowitz,Leonard Kellman,Robert Community Response To Violence In Chicago
Rubinowitz,Leonard Olson,Emma Changing Attitudes About Democratic Participation Through A Catalytic Experience
Shoked,Nadav Fishbein,Daniel 300 Governments: Understanding Intermunicipal Collaboration In Nassau County, Ny And Policies Of “Forced Efficiency” In New York State
Silver,Carole Wang,Shinong Globalization Of U.S. Legal Education: A Case Study Of International J.D. Students
Sorensen,Juliet Hutchful,Ewurabena Cognitive Dissonance: Why The African Union’s Reluctance To Commit To Pan-African Ideals Undermines The Fight Against Corruption And Endangers Human Rights
Spitzer,Matthew Hovenkamp,Erik Remedial Failure: Anticompetitive Effects Of Contemporary Patent Remedies.
Tuerkheimer,Deborah Moen,Kristina Can You Keep A Secret?: Mandated Reporting Laws And Teenage Victims Of Dating Violence
Yuracko,Kimberly Landau,Jamie Classifying Marital And Non-Marital Debts Upon Divorce And Death: A 4-State Survey

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