Senior Research Program

Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program

The Owen L. Coon/James A. Rahl Senior Research Program gives third-year Northwestern Law students the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty exploring answers to challenging questions of doctrine and policy. Due to the generosity of the Owen L. Coon Foundation and other donors, there is a fund to support empirical research expenses of projects. Students are placed with supervising professors, experts in their field, to conduct research on the most pertinent current and historical legal issues.

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Senior Research Project Rules (pdf)

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Current Projects

Supervising Faculty Student Project Topic
Allen, Ronald Allison, Katherine Revision Of The Proposed Rules Of Evidence For Tanzania
Allen, Ronald Hutchful, Ewurabena A Global Comparative Study Of Evidence Reforms
Allen, Ronald Klein, Katherine Research And Reality: Incorporating Data On The Tanzanian Legal System Into The Case For Evidence Law Reform
Allen, Ronald O'Dell, Zachary Comparative International Evidence Law And Model Code Drafting
Allen, Ronald Pine, Katherine Reforming The Law Of Evidence: Best Practices For Introducing Reform In Tanzania
Ayotte, Ken Moon, Young Designation Rights And The Impact Of The 2005 BAPCPA Amendments
Barron, Esther Kuelper, John Rights In Consumer Health Data: Implications For The Emerging Health Information Economy
Bedi, Sheila A McNulty, Andrew A Practical Guide To Litigating Prison Legal Mail Policies And Practices
Bedi, Sheila A Ramamurthy, Erin Lange Keeping The Outside Out: The Visitation Policies Of The Cook County Jail
Biehl, Julie L Liebert, Jamie Can Restorative Justice Keep Kids In School And Out Of The Court? The Efficacy Of Restorative Justice And Its Use In Cook County
Black, Bernard Steven Amini, Ava Public Reporting Of Hospital Infection Rates: An Assessment Of Usability And Use
Black, Bernard Steven Zhang, Xin Using Vickrey Auction For Sales Of Companies
Calabresi, Steven G Garg, Ayush Kumar Perils Of A Parliamentary System : Indian Experience And The Way Forward
Calabresi, Steven G Waheedi, Salma Arab Constitutions: A Comparative Analysis
Carrel, Alyson M Taelman, Blake Assessing The Impact Of An Independent Third-Party Neutral On The Outcome And Satisfaction Level Of A Two-Party Negotiation
Cohn, Lynn P Ayad, Amina Mandatory Mediation In Italy: An Analysis And Historical Overview
Cohn, Lynn P Mendelsohn, Shira Transforming The Law School Landscape
Crane, Charlotte Fung, Kar Hing How Should We Think About Earnings And Profits Adjustments?
Dana, David A Murguia, Patricia Emerging Market Reits And The Legal Framework To Protect Against Price Volatility
Delaney, Erin Fielding Fodor, Anna Judicial Independence And The Hungarian Constitutional Court
Delaney, Erin Fielding Waheedi, Salma Constitution And Constitutionalism In Bahrain
DeSanto, Jason C Fenstermaker, Paul Law, Rhetoric And Rights: The NCAA & Its Concept Of The Student-Athlete
DeSanto, Jason C Seedman, Joshua Reshaping The Negotiation And Persuasion Tactics In The Corporate Arena The Ever Present And Underlying Interplay Of Persuasion, Negotiations, And Influence (PNI Theory™) - What The Corporate World Can Learn From Strategic Framing, Mediation And Litigation
Ferguson, James R Mendelsohn, Shira The Social, Economic, And Political Impact Of Food And Drug Administration Regulatory Overreach
Francis, Clinton William Poyraz, Melih Development Of A Corporate Restructuring Simulation
Francis, Clinton William Van Tubbergen, Elissa Rethinking Business Organization: Moving To The Digital Age
Frazier, Carolyn E Mead, Brian Illinois Juvenile Life Without Parole And Collateral Consequences Manuals
Gandert, Daniel Kim, Joonwoo Sports Labor Disputes And The Resulting Legal Ramifications
Gandert, Daniel Leasia, Kristin So Who's In Charge Here? Effects Of "Hidden Parties" Interests On The 2012-2015 Chicago Teachers Union - Chicago Board Of Education Collective Bargaining Agreement
Gandert, Daniel Villarreal, Estevan The Ultimate Fighting Champioship Presents: Testosterone Replacement Therapy vs. Regulation
Geraghty, Thomas F Byam, Dennie Child Protection In Bangladesh: The Missing System Of Protection
Geraghty, Thomas F Green, Kelsey State Of The Bangladeshi Criminal Justice System
Geraghty, Thomas F Klein, Katherine Ambiguity, Uncertainty, And Chaos: The Problems Of Outdated Bangladeshi Legislation In The Recognition Of Rights Provided By The ICCPR
Geraghty, Thomas F Omer, Rebba Audit Of The Bangladeshi Criminal Justice System
Gettleman, Robert W Goyke, Michelle Turning Olmstead On Its Head: Litigation Advancing Institutions As The Least Restrictive Environment For People With Profound Developmental Disabilities
Gettleman, Robert W Walker, Kevin Subminimum Wages: The ADA And Section 14(C) Of The FLSA
Horwich, Allan Lee, JungEun True If You Believe It: The Requirement For Subjective Falsity Of Opinions As A Necessary Element For Claims Under Section 11 Of The Securities Act Of 1933
Jacobi, Tonja Kind, Jonah Criminal Innovation And The Warrant Requirement: Reconsidering The Rights-Police Efficiency Trade-Off
Kleinfeld, Joshua Seth Mullin, Mark Wittgensteinian Social Ontology
Kontorovich, Eugene Hughes, Eric The Supreme Court: Measuring Propensity To Join A Non-Controlling Opinion As A Proxy For Ideological Agreement
Koppelman, Andrew M Shiff, Talia Taking The Political Out Of Asylum: A Legal Analysis Of Persecution On Account Of Membership In A Particular Social Group
Litvak, Katherine Valerie Dyess, Christopher Credit Rating Agency Review Board: The Challenges And Implications Of Implementing The Franken-Wicker Amendment To Dodd-Frank
Lubet, Steven Freedman, Allison Uncovering The Role Of Opening Statements At Trial
Lubet, Steven Jakopchek, Kevin History And Law Of The Opening Statement
Lupo, James Harvey, Robert Disparate Treatment: How Justice Kennedy’S Non-Traditional Equal Protection And Due Process Analyses In Windsor Invalidate State Defense Of Marriage Acts
Lutz, Karl E Covey, Matthew Under Delaware Law, A Board Of Directors Does Not Owe Fiduciary Duties To The Company They Ostensibly Serve
McGinnis, John O Molzberger, Michael Security, Privacy, And Liberty In An Age Of Accelerating Technology
McGinnis, John O Stein, Branden Big Data And Algorithm In The Search For Original Meaning
Nzelibe, Jide Okechuku Baimel, Stuart Advise And Dissent: The Fall And Rise Of The Senate In Foreign Affairs
Pfander, James E Brenner, Nathan Supplemental Jurisdiction After The Textual
Pfander, James E Dwinell, Jessica The Eleventh Amendment And The Declaratory Theory Of State Accountability
Pfander, James E Faichney, Daniel Exploring The Functional Underpinnings Of "Formalistic" Jurisdiction
Pfander, James E Ritzu, Hallie Supreme Court Review Of State Court Decisions
Pfander, James E Stukel, Scott Inter-Sovereign Coherency And American Choice Of Law
Redish, Martin H Guest, Jennifer Congress And Parity: What Statutes Have Been Telling Us About The Fungibility Between State And Federal Courts
Redish, Martin H Karaba, Julie Multidistrict Litigation, Due Process, And The Dangers Of Procedural Collectivism
Redish, Martin H Kiernan, Megan The Supreme Court's Bivens Doctrine
Redish, Martin H Shust, Kelsey Beltramea The Right Of Publicity And The First Amendment In The Modern Age Of Commercial Speech
Reed, Stephen F Murguia, Patricia Legal Implications Of Regulation Of On-Line Social Lending
Reed, Stephen F Scherbring, Bridget Medical Device And Medical Technology Start-Ups: Legal Issues And The Entrepreneurial Process
Ruder, David S Novak, Michael Faster Than A Speeding Bullet: High Frequency Trading And Today's Equity Market Structure
Sawyer, Stephen P Sandick, Philip Orchestrating Under Uncertainty: The Organization Of Sustainable Development At The United Nations
Shoked, Nadav Anderson, Nathan The Struggle For Equity In Local Taxation And The 1970s Property Tax Revolt
Sorensen, Juliet Suzanne Jurowicz, Hannah Labor Trafficking In Modern Supply Chains: The Potential Impact Of Emerging Supply Chain Transparency Regulations On International Corporate Liability
Stilt, Kristen A Ryken, Andrea From Pet To Plate: The Pressing Issues Surrounding The International Horse Slaughter Industry
Tenenbaum, Jack Samuel Oyserman, Shira The Jerusalem Arbitration Center: Commercial Arbitration As A Pathway To Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Tiller II, Emerson H Alissandratos, Dionysis Biofuel And Automobile Warranties: Assessing The Application Of The Uniform Commercial Code And The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Tiller II, Emerson H Zhao, Ranran Judicial Decision-Making In China