Past Senior Research Projects

2013-14 Senior Research Projects

Supervising FacultyStudentProject Topic
Allen, Ronald Allison, Katherine Revision Of The Proposed Rules Of Evidence For Tanzania
Allen, Ronald Hutchful, Ewurabena A Global Comparative Study Of Evidence Reforms
Allen, Ronald Klein, Katherine Research And Reality: Incorporating Data On The Tanzanian Legal System Into The Case For Evidence Law Reform
Allen, Ronald O'Dell, Zachary Comparative International Evidence Law And Model Code Drafting
Allen, Ronald Pine, Katherine Reforming The Law Of Evidence: Best Practices For Introducing Reform In Tanzania
Ayotte, Ken Moon, Young Designation Rights And The Impact Of The 2005 BAPCPA Amendments
Barron, Esther Kuelper, John Rights In Consumer Health Data: Implications For The Emerging Health Information Economy
Bedi, Sheila A McNulty, Andrew A Practical Guide To Litigating Prison Legal Mail Policies And Practices
Bedi, Sheila A Ramamurthy, Erin Lange Keeping The Outside Out: The Visitation Policies Of The Cook County Jail
Biehl, Julie L Liebert, Jamie Can Restorative Justice Keep Kids In School And Out Of The Court? The Efficacy Of Restorative Justice And Its Use In Cook County
Black, Bernard Steven Amini, Ava Public Reporting Of Hospital Infection Rates: An Assessment Of Usability And Use
Black, Bernard Steven Zhang, Xin Using Vickrey Auction For Sales Of Companies
Calabresi, Steven G Garg, Ayush Kumar Perils Of A Parliamentary System : Indian Experience And The Way Forward
Calabresi, Steven G Waheedi, Salma Arab Constitutions: A Comparative Analysis
Carrel, Alyson M Taelman, Blake Assessing The Impact Of An Independent Third-Party Neutral On The Outcome And Satisfaction Level Of A Two-Party Negotiation
Cohn, Lynn P Ayad, Amina Mandatory Mediation In Italy: An Analysis And Historical Overview
Cohn, Lynn P Mendelsohn, Shira Transforming The Law School Landscape
Crane, Charlotte Fung, Kar Hing How Should We Think About Earnings And Profits Adjustments?
Dana, David A Murguia, Patricia Emerging Market Reits And The Legal Framework To Protect Against Price Volatility
Delaney, Erin Fielding Fodor, Anna Judicial Independence And The Hungarian Constitutional Court
Delaney, Erin Fielding Waheedi, Salma Constitution And Constitutionalism In Bahrain
DeSanto, Jason C Fenstermaker, Paul Law, Rhetoric And Rights: The NCAA & Its Concept Of The Student-Athlete
DeSanto, Jason C Seedman, Joshua Reshaping The Negotiation And Persuasion Tactics In The Corporate Arena The Ever Present And Underlying Interplay Of Persuasion, Negotiations, And Influence (PNI Theory™) - What The Corporate World Can Learn From Strategic Framing, Mediation And Litigation
Ferguson, James R Mendelsohn, Shira The Social, Economic, And Political Impact Of Food And Drug Administration Regulatory Overreach
Francis, Clinton William Poyraz, Melih Development Of A Corporate Restructuring Simulation
Francis, Clinton William Van Tubbergen, Elissa Rethinking Business Organization: Moving To The Digital Age
Frazier, Carolyn E Mead, Brian Illinois Juvenile Life Without Parole And Collateral Consequences Manuals
Gandert, Daniel Kim, Joonwoo Sports Labor Disputes And The Resulting Legal Ramifications
Gandert, Daniel Leasia, Kristin So Who's In Charge Here? Effects Of "Hidden Parties" Interests On The 2012-2015 Chicago Teachers Union - Chicago Board Of Education Collective Bargaining Agreement
Gandert, Daniel Villarreal, Estevan The Ultimate Fighting Champioship Presents: Testosterone Replacement Therapy vs. Regulation
Geraghty, Thomas F Byam, Dennie Child Protection In Bangladesh: The Missing System Of Protection
Geraghty, Thomas F Green, Kelsey State Of The Bangladeshi Criminal Justice System
Geraghty, Thomas F Klein, Katherine Ambiguity, Uncertainty, And Chaos: The Problems Of Outdated Bangladeshi Legislation In The Recognition Of Rights Provided By The ICCPR
Geraghty, Thomas F Omer, Rebba Audit Of The Bangladeshi Criminal Justice System
Gettleman, Robert W Goyke, Michelle Turning Olmstead On Its Head: Litigation Advancing Institutions As The Least Restrictive Environment For People With Profound Developmental Disabilities
Gettleman, Robert W Walker, Kevin Subminimum Wages: The ADA And Section 14(C) Of The FLSA
Horwich, Allan Lee, JungEun True If You Believe It: The Requirement For Subjective Falsity Of Opinions As A Necessary Element For Claims Under Section 11 Of The Securities Act Of 1933
Jacobi, Tonja Kind, Jonah Criminal Innovation And The Warrant Requirement: Reconsidering The Rights-Police Efficiency Trade-Off
Kleinfeld, Joshua Seth Mullin, Mark Wittgensteinian Social Ontology
Kontorovich, Eugene Hughes, Eric The Supreme Court: Measuring Propensity To Join A Non-Controlling Opinion As A Proxy For Ideological Agreement
Koppelman, Andrew M Shiff, Talia Taking The Political Out Of Asylum: A Legal Analysis Of Persecution On Account Of Membership In A Particular Social Group
Litvak, Katherine Valerie Dyess, Christopher Credit Rating Agency Review Board: The Challenges And Implications Of Implementing The Franken-Wicker Amendment To Dodd-Frank
Lubet, Steven Freedman, Allison Uncovering The Role Of Opening Statements At Trial
Lubet, Steven Jakopchek, Kevin History And Law Of The Opening Statement
Lupo, James Harvey, Robert Disparate Treatment: How Justice Kennedy’S Non-Traditional Equal Protection And Due Process Analyses In Windsor Invalidate State Defense Of Marriage Acts
Lutz, Karl E Covey, Matthew Under Delaware Law, A Board Of Directors Does Not Owe Fiduciary Duties To The Company They Ostensibly Serve
McGinnis, John O Molzberger, Michael Security, Privacy, And Liberty In An Age Of Accelerating Technology
McGinnis, John O Stein, Branden Big Data And Algorithm In The Search For Original Meaning
Nzelibe, Jide Okechuku Baimel, Stuart Advise And Dissent: The Fall And Rise Of The Senate In Foreign Affairs
Pfander, James E Brenner, Nathan Supplemental Jurisdiction After The Textual
Pfander, James E Dwinell, Jessica The Eleventh Amendment And The Declaratory Theory Of State Accountability
Pfander, James E Faichney, Daniel Exploring The Functional Underpinnings Of "Formalistic" Jurisdiction
Pfander, James E Ritzu, Hallie Supreme Court Review Of State Court Decisions
Pfander, James E Stukel, Scott Inter-Sovereign Coherency And American Choice Of Law
Redish, Martin H Guest, Jennifer Congress And Parity: What Statutes Have Been Telling Us About The Fungibility Between State And Federal Courts
Redish, Martin H Karaba, Julie Multidistrict Litigation, Due Process, And The Dangers Of Procedural Collectivism
Redish, Martin H Kiernan, Megan The Supreme Court's Bivens Doctrine
Redish, Martin H Shust, Kelsey Beltramea The Right Of Publicity And The First Amendment In The Modern Age Of Commercial Speech
Reed, Stephen F Murguia, Patricia Legal Implications Of Regulation Of On-Line Social Lending
Reed, Stephen F Scherbring, Bridget Medical Device And Medical Technology Start-Ups: Legal Issues And The Entrepreneurial Process
Ruder, David S Novak, Michael Faster Than A Speeding Bullet: High Frequency Trading And Today's Equity Market Structure
Sawyer, Stephen P Sandick, Philip Orchestrating Under Uncertainty: The Organization Of Sustainable Development At The United Nations
Shoked, Nadav Anderson, Nathan The Struggle For Equity In Local Taxation And The 1970s Property Tax Revolt
Sorensen, Juliet Suzanne Jurowicz, Hannah Labor Trafficking In Modern Supply Chains: The Potential Impact Of Emerging Supply Chain Transparency Regulations On International Corporate Liability
Stilt, Kristen A Ryken, Andrea From Pet To Plate: The Pressing Issues Surrounding The International Horse Slaughter Industry
Tenenbaum, Jack Samuel Oyserman, Shira The Jerusalem Arbitration Center: Commercial Arbitration As A Pathway To Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Tiller II, Emerson H Alissandratos, Dionysis Biofuel And Automobile Warranties: Assessing The Application Of The Uniform Commercial Code And The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Tiller II, Emerson H Zhao, Ranran Judicial Decision-Making In China

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2012-13 Senior Research Projects

Supervising FacultyStudentProject Topic
Allen, Ronald Notebaert, Jessica Approaching Legal Problems in Light of Complexity Theory and the Cognitive Limitations of Decisionmakers
Allen, Ronald Notebaert, Jessica Conceptualizing the Legal System as a Network
Ayotte, Ken Reinert, John An Empirical Analysis of Executory Contracts in Chapter 11
Barron, Esther Adams, Dennis O'Bannon v. NCAA:  How The Case to Compensate Student-Athletes Could Change the Landscape of the NCAA
Barron, Esther Ebrahim, Tabrez Emerging Legal Issues in the Digital Domain
Barron, Esther Gunn, Jonathan Startups functioning under the AIA: The impact of new patent rules on the health and development of young technology companies
Barron, Esther Hernandez, Benjamin Legal Aspects of Joint Development Agreements for high-growth start-ups
Barron, Esther Plandowski, Mark Guardian Angel: Addressing the Needs of a Technology Startup in Illinois
Barron, Esther Salter, Robert Business Incubators and Accelerators: An Attorney Handbook
Biehl, Julie Gianis, Margot Paths Through the Juvenile Justice System: Decisions, Decision-makers, and Procedure in the 50 States
Biehl, Julie Glisan, Rebecca Confidentiality in the Juvenile Justice System: Reality or Myth?
Black, Bernard Oguss, Gregory Half-Empty or Half-Full?: Assessing Global Responses to the Empty Voting Problem
Bowman, Locke Kayes, Thomas Entrapment of Youth: How Undercover Drug Stings in Schools Warrant a New Look at an Old Defense
Brennan, Thomas Carter, Jason Restoring The American Dream: An Argument for Taxing Wealth
Brennan, Thomas Roux, Rebecca Comparative Analysis of Non-Profit Legal Regimes
Burns, Robert Ali, Farida Lawyers as Legal Counselors v. the Lawyer-Statesman Ideal
Carrel, Alyson Cooper, Khoury Confidentiality: The Essence of a Successful Mediation
Chadha, Paul Jones, Nicholas Research and Field Study on the Decriminalization and Legalization of Marijuana
Diamond, Shari Ryken, Andrea Where We Are Now: The State of Jury Scholarship Today
DiCola, Peter Oliver, Carson A Legal Analysis of Alternative Funding Models in Media
DiCola, Peter Ryan, Daniel Anti-Piracy Legislation: Defining the Opportunity for the U.S. Motion Picture Industry
DiCola, Peter Uzelac, Elizabeth Extricating Copyright from Communications: A Framework for Resolving Emerging Online Video Disputes
Dohrn, Bernardine Katz, Lily Entrapment of Youth: How Undercover Drug Stings in Schools Warrant a New Look at the Entrapment Doctrine
Eigen, Zev Eng, Tiffany Empirical Study of Settlement Data
Elson, John Beres, Drew Truancy in Chicago: A New Approach to an Institutional Problem
Ferguson, James Berkowski, Kimberly A Renewed and Refreshed Plea for Specialized Juries of Scientists and Engineers for Patent Cases
Fischman, Joshua Suehr, James The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Concentration, Control and Conflict among Distressed Debt Investors in Chapter 11
Francis, Clinton Berkowski, Kimberly The Quandry of Representing Inventions with Claims, and a Heuristic for Improving the Claim Drafting Process
Francis, Clinton Chang, Carrol Block the Vote: Legal, Political, and Popular Perspectives on Voter Disenfranchisement Efforts in the State of Ohio
Francis, Clinton Feeney, Patrick Property Interests and Transparency in the Capital Markets and their Financial Institutions
Francis, Clinton Lee, Hyun Intellectual Capital Management Case Study
Francis, Clinton Ro, (Ron) Songkoo Intellectual Capital Management for Samsung's Healthcare Business
Gandert, Daniel Callaghan, Patrick Try Harder: An Analysis of the Olympic Charter's Applications Regarding Effort in Athletic Performance
Gandert, Daniel Dave, Sunil The Enforceability of Non-Competition Agreements in the Sports Agent Business
Gandert, Daniel Kim, Joonwoo Comparative Study: Sports Labor Struggles and Legal Consequences
Harris, Kenneth Maloff, Michael What the Frack: A Survey of Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania Law Surrounding Fracking
Horwich, Allan Grossmann, Richard Mind the Gap: Morrison, Section 12(a)(1), and Regulation S
Jacobi, Tonja VanDam, Jeffrey The Filibuster and Reconciliation: The Future of Majoritarian Lawmaking in the U.S. Senate
Kagan, Lesley Klempner, Jesse The Future of Joint Business and Law Graduate Education
Kessler, Corky Gao, Wen Chao An Emerging Chinese Film Industry and the Laws that Govern Its Global Growth
Kleinfeld, Joshua Donselman, Travis Criminalization of Majoritarian Behavior
Kleinfeld, Joshua Donselman, Travis Criminalization in Democracies and Across Other Systems of Government
Koehler, Jonathan Lohff, Lee Blue Ribbon Juries: Principle v. Pragmatism
Koehler, Jonathan Rucker, Kelli Condorcet Theory, Jury Nullification, and Juror Bias
Koppelman, Andrew Cassidy, Jason Beating our shields into swords—an examination of the prosecution of sexting and youth-produced sexual imagery in the post-Stevens era
Lindgren, James Martin, Gregory Legality and Economic Viability of Multi-Level Marketing Schemes
Lindgren, James Subramanyam, Suhas Examining the Scope of the Labor Exception to the Hobbs Act
Loeb, Nancy Koperski, Lisa Why the Renewable Energy Credit Market Needs Standardization
Lutz, Karl Tellis, Viren Why Crowdfunding Companies with Social Missions Should Generate Tax Deductions for Donors
Maloney, Sheila Herrera, Felipe Negotiating Access: Analysis of Brazil's recent debates on foreign law firms
McDonnell, Mary-Hunter Tarcher, Alessandra Social Media: The Remedy to Excessive CEO Compensation
McGinnis, John Meerkins, Andrew Dworkinian Antitrust
Nzelibe, Jide Suarez, Mariano Creation and Enforcement of Emergency Arbitrations in International Commercial Arbitrations
Nzelibe, Uzoamaka Feeley, Catherine Backlogs in Immigration Court: Causes and Solutions, Nationally and in Chicago
Pfander, James Downey, Michael Law, Equity, and the Origins of the Probate Exception
Pfander, James Newman, Sarah Preemptive Jurisdiction
Redish, Martin Aronoff, Jennifer Judicial Elections and Gratitude as a Due Process Violation
Redish, Martin Joshi, Sopan Litigating Article III Standing: A Proposed Solution to the Serious (But Unrecognized) Separation-of-Powers Problem
Redish, Martin Strom, William The Status of Private Prisons in a Liberal Democracy
Reed, Stephen Agarwal, Rohit Charter Schools: An Overview and Legal Playbook
Reed, Stephen Coss, James From Silicon Valley to Skolkovo: Creating an Entrepreneurial Nirvana
Rubinowitz, Leonard Lefkow, Laura Recruitment of Gay & Lesbian service members to the Officer Corps of the United States Military After DADT Repeal
Sawyer, Stephen Suh, Jee Models from Abroad: The Right to Civil Counsel as Applied to Housing Eviction Proceedings
Schar, Reid Siller, Margaret Congress’s Power to Abrogate the Attorney–Client Privilege During Congressional Investigations
Sorensen, Juliet Havey, Matthew Impediments and Solutions to Providing Widespread Healthcare Access in Ethiopia
Sorensen, Juliet Hong, Jeeyeon Adjusting for Risk: How American Investors should Create Transparency in their China Projects
Sorensen, Juliet Parks, Kari Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies? Holding the United Nations to International Law
Speta, James Simon, Lindsey Radio Silence: The Uncommunicated Liability of the FCC's Forged Veil Piercing Expansion
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel Jung, Jooyoung Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel O'Malley, Alexius A civil approach to inherently criminal matters: A critical analysis of civil lawsuits brought against street gangs in Illinois
Tepfer, Joshua Wendling, Hannah People v. Savory and the Role of the Illinois Supreme Court in Post-Conviction DNA Testing
Tilley, Christina Woerner, Timothy Defining "Public Interest" for First Amendment Analysis

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2011-12 Senior Research Projects

Supervising FacultyStudentProject Topic
Allen, Ronald Fry, Timothy;
Notebaert, Jessica; VanDam, Jeffrey
Reforming The Law Of Evidence: A Case Study Of Tanzania
Allen, Ronald Stapleton, Thomas A National Strategy For Global Stability
Barron, Esther Gulati, Kunal The Evolution Of Property Rights In Cuba
Barron, Esther Zelner, Brian Entrepreneurship In Cuba In 2012
Bienen, Leigh Enright, Sean Prosecutorial Discretion On The Ground In Cook County, Illinois
Bienen, Leigh O'Flynn, Megan Towards Gender Equity in the Middle East: Evaluating Models of Women's Rights
Brennan, Thomas Pahl, Joseph Taxing Exchange-Traded Notes And The Future Of Variable Prepaid Forward Contracts.
Brennan, Thomas Schwartz, Yosef Carried Interest In Private Equity: A Giant Leap Back And A Small Step Forward
Brennan, Thomas Victor, Joseph Mortgage Securitization And A Case For Contractual Credit Risk Retention
Burns, Robert Turkish, Jason Impact Disability Litigation In An Academic Setting: A Field Observation Report On The Viability Of A Disability Rights Clinic At Northwestern
Calabresi, Steve Salander, Abraham The Fourteenth Amendment, Religion, And Ramifications For American Education
Calabresi, Steven Owens, Jasmine Origins Of Judicial Review: Why Ran Hirschl Is Wrong
Calabresi, Steven Price, Larissa Government Monopolies & Grants Of Special Privilege In U.S. Constitutional Law
Calabresi, Steven Taddei, John The Meaning Of Unreasonable Search And Seizure And Cruel And Unusual Punishment From The Founding To The Fourteenth Amendment
Cohn, Lynn Giovanni, Lia Discontinuity In Our Glorio-U.S. Contiguous States
Crane, Charlotte Chao, Joshua Tax Incentives For Innovation In A Modern Ip Ecosystem
Dia, Shari Snyder, Danya Shopping For Less Confusion In The Post-Sale Confusion Marketplace
Diamond, Shari Meixner, John Do Criminal Trial Rates Affect The Vanishing Trial?
Ferguson, James Churnet, Dargaye Redefining Patent Claims: A Proposal To Reform Patent Law
Ferguson, James Wong, Michelle The Pathway To Biosimilars: The Road Less Traveled
Finke, Tom Gold, Matthew Finding The Paradigm: Business Executives And Their Relationships With The Lawyers That Serve Them
Francis, Clinton Siegel, Graham Healthcare Price And Quality Information: A Survey Of Pathways, Value And Regulation
Gandert, Daniel Buoniconti, Daniel A Tale Of Time: How Patience Paid Off During The Nba Lockout
Gandert, Daniel Hansen, Luis Rebelling Against Sports Colonialism: How The International Baseball Federation Should Use U.S. Federal Courts To Exert Its Authority Over Major League Baseball
Harris, Alton Adekoya, Akin Reallocation Of Risk: The Pitfalls Of Congress's Second Attempt To Regulate Otc Derivatives In Title Vii Of The Dodd-Frank Act
Horwich, Allan Nicolosi, Costanza Disclosure of Information Under the Securities Law and Antitust Law: A fraternal Battle or an Irreconcilable Fight?
Hutchison, Andrea Sweeney, Michael The America Invents Act: Its Effects On Different Types Of Entities (With Accompanying Updated Patent Law Slides)
Jacobi, Tonia Norman, Matthew The Institutional Origins Of Judicial Independence
Jacobi, Tonja Auditore, Stephanie Problems Of Application In University Speech Codes
Kessler, Hal Miller, Marc 'Runaway Train On A One-Way Track': The History, Current Status, And Future Prognosis Of The Use Of State Film Tax Incentives As An Attempt To Keep And Attract Movie Production In The United States
Koehler, Jonathan Bollinger, Robert Statistical Issues In Employment Discrimination
Koehler, Jonathan Cairns, Jason Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence: A Comparison Of Public And Judicial Opinion
Koehler, Jonathan Jeavons, Jessica Neuroscience and the Law
Landeo, Claudia Keber, Jennifer A New Class Of Attorneys: An Economic Analysis Of The Evolution Of The Attorney Career Model
Lepp, Alan Wang, Yan Interpretation III Of China's Marriage Law And Its Impact On Gender Equality.
Lindgren, Jim Grant, Patricia Affirmative Action In Professional Schools
Lubet, Steven Diegel, Clare Rescuing Recusal: A Response to Chief Justice Roberts
Lubet, Steven Whitaker, Sara Clarence Darrow, Neuroscientist: What Trial Lawyers Can Learn From Decision Science
Margulies, Joseph Novak, Mary The Anxiety of Hope: Criminal Defenders' Fears for their Clients
Margulies, Joseph Underwood, Matthew Report On Research Into Documents Withheld Under The State Secrets Doctrine
McGinnis, John Moorman, Ryan Fragmentation And Fungible Zoning As An Alternative To Regional Government
McGinnis, John Wasick, Steven Law: An Information Technology
Njike, Jacinda Pulido, Jannette Elephant in the Courtroom: A Critical Analysis of Trends in the Supreme Court's Legal Reasoning in Cases Affecting Racial Minorities
Nzelibe, Jide Kost, Thomas Reconstructing Emergency Powers For The Modern World
Nzelibe, Uzoamaka Kim, Jina The Limits Of Prosecutorial Discretion In Immigration
Pfander, James Lee, Christopher The Failed Discourse Of Minimum Contacts: Foreign Commerce And State Court Adjudicatory Power
Pfander, James Nazemi, Nassim Federal-State Judicial Relations In The Early Republic And The Origins Of The Anti-Injunction Act
Presser, Stephen Dunbar, Lindsay You Make And Dey Take: Martha Stewart, Insider Trading, And The American Dream
Presser, Stephen McGovern, Owen Nationalized Healthcare, the Commerce Clause, and the 16th & 17th Amendment
Provenzano, Susan Camillucci, Karl Regretting Roth? Why And How The Supreme Court Could Deprive Tenured Public Teachers Of Due Process Rights In Employment
Redish, Martin Gliksberg (aka: Rubenstein), Jamie Disgusting Speech” And The First Amendment
Redish, Martin Siegal, Peter Constitution, Inc.: Corporate Theory And The Recognition Of Corporations Under The U.S. Constitution
Reed, Stephen Guevarra, Nikki The Effects Of Organizational Form On A Microfinance Institution's Ability To Access Capital
Reed, Stephen Man, Jonathan The Impact Of National Legal Systems On Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Approach
Reed, Stephen Wilson, Jeremy Legal Issues Facing The Education Matters Project And Other Tax-Exempt Social Media Organizations
Roberts, Dorothy Chapman, Sarah Jane A More Natural Selection
Roberts, Jerome Kim, Minar The Troll Toll: The Impact of Patent Trolls
Roberts, Jerry Fitterer, Jason Winning The Battle, But Losing The War: Why The America Invents Act Deals A Major Blow To Patent Trolls, But Also To The Small Inventor
Rubinowitz, Leonard Cunningham, Angela Family Law Center Of Kenosha: One Law Student's Journey Towards Starting A Civil Legal Services Agency
Rubinowitz, Leonard Terada, Christine The Benefits Of Gender-Informed Diversion Programs For Female Offenders
Ruder, David Nemets, Yuriy The Role Of The International Organization Of Securities Commissions In Cross-Border Enforcement Of Securities Laws
Sawyer, Stephen Lee, Ji Hee Comparative Study Across Countries of the Adherence to the UN Convention and Protocol Regarding the Status of Refugees of 1951 and 1967
Sawyer, Stephen Riordan, Kathleen The Value Of Truth: Northern Ireland, Unionism, And Truth Recovery
Schrup, Sarah Springett, Simon Waiving Goodbye to the Public's Interest in a Speedy Trial
Sorensen, Juliet Cunningham, Charlotte The Case For Voluntary Adoption Of Measures Guaranteeing The Right To Free, Prior And Informed Consent For Indigenous Peoples By Multinational Corporations Involved In Natural Resource Extraction
Sorensen, Juliet Henkelman, Breanne Not Worth The Hassle: Why American Real Estate Firms Don'T Buy In To Morocco's Vision
Speta, James Won, Jennifer The FCC Indecency Regulation And The First Amendment
Speta, James Yaeger, Ryan Finality Constraints On Judicial Review Of Agency Guidance Documents: Acknowledging The Lack Of Legal Effect
Stroth, Andrew Krishnan, Ashwin A Survey Of The Scope And Impact Of The Morality Clause In Professional Sports Contracts
Tenenbaum, J. Samuel Joseph, Andrew Corporate Governance And Competition Law Reform In Israel
Tepfer, Joshua Smeryage, Colleen Litigating Confessions in the Recording Age
Tiller, Emerson Kaplan, Ivan An Empirical Analysis Of Chevron Step 1 Manipulation
Wilson, Audra Warren, Hillary Recognizing The Rights Of Non-Biological Lesbian Mothers And Their Children Through Statutory Reform: Why The Upa, Common Law, And Gay Marriage Are Not Enough
Winslow, Heather Nofal, Christopher A Field Study In Crime, Technology, And Law
Yuracko, Kimberly Walden, William Flsa.Com: Why The Rise Of Modern Retail Requires That Congress Amend The Commissioned Employee Exemption
Zulanas, Lisa Fitterer, Jason Managing A Different Kind Of Trust: An Analysis Of The Uniform Mediation Act's Approach To Mediation Confidentiality

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