Law Logo and Identity


The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law logo should be included in any official communication regarding Northwestern Pritzker Law news or events.

Please do not attempt to take the logo from the website or scan it from other sources in order to design any print or electronic publications on your own. The Marketing and Communications team must be involved from the beginning with the design and production of any publications that use the school logo.

Some pre-approved templates that include the logo are available on our site. 

Please refer to our Brand Standards Quick Start Guide (pdf) and Logo Guidelines (pdf) documents for details on proper use.


The correct name of the Law School must be used in all marketing materials and when promoting news or events.

Correct Use: "Northwestern Pritzker School of Law" on first reference. Subsequent references can use "Northwestern Law," "Northwestern Pritzker Law," or "the Law School."

Incorrect Use: Do not use any abbreviations such as "NPSL," "NUPSL," "NP," "NU Law School," "NU Law," or various versions such as "Pritzker Law," "Pritzker," "Northwestern Law School," "Northwestern University Law," "Northwestern School of Law," "Northwestern University Law School," etc.

The official formal name of the institution is "Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law". This is used only for official purposes such as on transcripts, first mention in press releases, and alongside publication and copyright information.

For guidelines on our preferred forms of style and usage, please refer to the Editorial Style Guide.