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Regulation: Tech and Telecom

This course, which will be taught in three evening sessions during Power Week, will focus on two issues: net neutrality and universal service. Net neutrality has been the major competition and regulatory issue that has faced telecommunications in recent decades -- without the jargon, the issue is whether the law should apply a rule that prevents broadband networks from discriminating among content and applications providers. We will divide our time on net neutrality fairly equally into three parts: (1) understanding the fundamental Internet technologies that enable broadband services and that frame the policy issue; (2) discussing the fundamental business and economic principles that bear on the relationship between carriers and content providers; and (3) addressing the design of regulatory institutions that might address any competition problems. The problem of universal service has similarly plagued communications markets: how does government ensure that everyone has fundamental communications access (and how does government define what ""fundamental communications access"" is)? Although we will focus on telecommunications and Internet services, we will draw analogies to other utility and transportation markets based on common economic and regulatory principles. We will also draw analogies to other high-technology markets, such as software and Internet search that have confronted similar challenges.

Catalog Number: REGLAW 935-0

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Spring 2019
Title: Regulation: Tech and Telecom
Faculty: Speta, James B. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 1.0
Capacity: 24     Actual: 3