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Commercial Law: Secured Transactions and Payment Systems

This course examines secured lending using personal property collateral to ensure the repayment of debt. We will study the use of accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, consumer goods, and intellectual property as collateral. The course focuses on the principles of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. However, because of the importance of the use of the obligations of others (such as checks, negotiable instruments and the like) as collateral, we will also study Articles 3, 4 and 5 (the articles related to payment systems). In addition, we will examine the federal Bankruptcy Code as it applies to transactions drafted under these articles. This course has similar coverage to the course ¿Commercial Law: Secured Transactions,¿ but this class is expanded to four units in order to include the study of current payment systems, including the use and structure of negotiable instruments, bank deposits, letters of credit, wire transfers and other methods of transferring value. Given the similarity of subject matter, students may not take both ¿Commercial Law: Secured Transactions¿ and ¿Payments Systems and Commercial Law: Secured Transactions.¿ Evaluation: Course grading is based on an end-of-semester examination, class participation, and on two drafting assignments that will be graded pass/fail. Teaching Method: The course mixes lecture, discussion, and the in-class solving of problems from the casebook; lectures will occasionally be accompanied by PowerPoint presentations.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 721

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Spring 2019
Title: Commercial Law: Secured Transactions and Payment Systems
Faculty: Markell, Bruce A. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 4.0
Capacity: 59     Actual: 37