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Class Action Litigation

This litigation-oriented course focuses on the class action system in the United States federal courts. The course will be taught by two practicing attorneys: one who represents plaintiffs in class actions and one who defends such cases. The class will include frequent guest lecturers, including federal judges. The course explores the policy reasons behind class actions, litigation and administration of class actions, and recent Supreme Court decisions and legislation regarding class action law. The course will cover, at a general level, how these policy and procedural considerations are carried out in the context of various substantive claims that are litigated through class actions. The course will meet once a week for two hours and will be designed as an interactive class with open discussion among the adjunct faculty, guest lecturers and judges, and students. Course materials will consist of a collection of caselaw that corresponds to each weekly lesson. The course will be graded based on class attendance and participation (25%), a midterm reflection paper (25%) and an oral presentation to be made during one of the final two classes (50%). The final presentation will consist of students being divided into plaintiff and defense counsel, then paired into teams of two, to advocate their respective position against an opposing team.

Catalog Number: LITARB 661

Course History

Spring 2019
Title: Class Action Litigation
Faculty: Berkowitz, Sean Murray
Barz, James E
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 20