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Legal Design and Innovation

In this class, the students will learn how to practice agile user-centered design by creating new interventions for courts to help people without a lawyer to understand their legal options, create a strategy, and pursue a legal process We want you to understand the design process, and how to use it to solve problems in the legal and justice system -- as well as other analogous service and government systems. You will understand what human-centered design is, and how to use it to understand how to communicate better; how to create new products and services; and how to reform social systems. The class will be hands-on, and you and your team will be creating new proposals, designs, and strategic plans. We hope that these materials can be useful to you in a portfolio. Any work assigned must be turned in before each class session when it is due. If you are late in submission of your assignment, it will affect your grade.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 789

Additional Course Information: Class meets using University Calendar

Course History

Spring 2019
Title: Legal Design and Innovation
Faculty: Hagan, Margaret Darin
Section: SF     Credits: 1.2
Capacity: 9     Actual: 7