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Most lawyers, negotiation is a major part of their professional duties. Of those matters that come into a lawyer's office, the vast majority are resolved by negotiation. Negotiation: communication for the purpose of persuasion is also is a major element of everyday life. This course is designed to give students experience in negotiation, as well as a grounding in negotiation theory. The emphasis of the course is on experiential learning. Students spend most of their time participating in negotiation simulations, as well as discussing negotiation problems. Students are observed in their negotiations and receive feedback. Several negotiations are videotaped for later viewing and feedback. The negotiation simulations cover a wide range of situations. In past years, students have negotiated the settlement of lawsuits, neighborhood disputes, campus disputes, personal services contracts, contracts for the sale and purchase of commercial and residential property, intra-family disputes, corporate takeovers, international disputes and labor disputes. The class meets either one afternoon or one evening per week. There also are required meetings with other students outside class hours in order to negotiate or prepare for negotiations. All students must attend all classes (exceptions only for illness). A student who is not present at the first class for any reason other than illness, reported to the instructor on or before the day of the first class, will be dropped from the course. The last date for dropping is the first meeting day. No drops will be allowed after that date. Evaluation: Demonstrated comprehension of the principles of effective negotiation exercises, team project and prenegotiation analysis. This course is the equivalent of LITARB 670K (Negotiations KSM) and also Cross-Cultural Negotiations. Students may take only one for credit. Teaching method: Some lecture, discussion and simulation

Catalog Number: LITARB 895M
Practice Areas: Civil Lit. and Dispute Resolution

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Spring 2020
Title: Negotiation
Faculty: Cohn, Lynn P. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 30     Actual: 0