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Bankruptcy Taxation

This course provides a basic background in tax issues that affect troubled companies, with special attention to tax issues that arise under the Bankruptcy Code. The course will emphasize the tax consequences that can flow from transactions while a case is pending under Title 11 or when a taxpayer engages in an insolvency workout. Additionally, the course will cover the treatment of tax claims in bankruptcy and the litigation of tax liabilities in bankruptcy court. The course will primarily focus on corporations in bankruptcy under Chapter 11 although there will be some discussion of the tax effects on individuals and partnerships. Specific topics to be covered include modifying debt and its consequences, the exclusion for discharge of indebtedness income, taxable versus tax-free reorganizations of companies in bankruptcy, special net operating loss change in ownership rules, and certain related consolidated return considerations. Registration Requirements: Basic Federal Income Tax is a pre-requisite for JD candidates. The class is not a biddable class for JD and non-Tax LLM students. JD and non-Tax LLM students may only enroll in this class during the drop/add period with the permission of the instructor. Evaluation Method: Final examination and class participation.

Catalog Number: TAXLAW 644
Practice Areas: Taxation Practice Area

Course History

Spring 2020
Title: Bankruptcy Taxation
Section: X     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 30     Actual: 0

Spring 2018
Title: Bankruptcy Taxation
Faculty: Maynes, Todd F. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 13