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Hedge Fund Investing

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of hedge fund investing, beginning with a historical look at the industry and ending with particular events, including the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management, the 2008 global financial crisis and the Madoff Ponzi scheme. While the class will primarily be a business course, students will be exposed to the legal considerations that go into structuring hedge funds as well as the regulatory framework within which hedge funds operate, including an overview of relevant provisions of U.S. securities and tax laws. Various investment strategies utilized by hedge funds including equity, credit, macro, commodity, CTA/systematic and multi-strategy will be presented and discussed in detail. The course will look in depth at portfolio structuring and the investment and operational analysis that should be completed before making a hedge fund investment. Finally, the class will look at recent trends in the industry. Most class sessions will feature guest speakers with extensive knowledge of the hedge fund industry and a discussion facilitated by Mr. Meister. In some sessions students will apply the material to case studies. Planned speakers include hedge fund managers, experts in hedge fund evaluation and allocation, and experts in hedge fund operations and regulation. Weekly class discussion topics include: * Hedge Fund Industry Overview * Hedge Fund Strategies (equity, credit, and macro/commodities/CTA/systematic/multi-strategy) * Regulation of Hedge Funds and Fund Managers (private placement exemptions, registration and regulation of fund managers) * Hedge Fund Structuring (investment terms and tax structuring) * Hedge Fund Due Diligence (investment research and operational analysis) * The Role of Hedge Funds in a Traditional Portfolio & Risk Management * 1998 Collapse of Long-Term Capital Management * Madoff and the 2008 Financial Crisis * Recent Trends in the Hedge Fund Industry Students will be evaluated based on a final paper, which will constitute the majority of the student's grade, as well as attendance, class participation and occasional quizzes. This course is only available for two credits. Proposals for two-draft or three-draft papers will not be accepted. This class is intended to serve as a complement to Hedge Fund Law. Pre-requisites: Business Associations or Corporations is a pre-requisite for this course; Business Associations is preferred. Previous coursework or professional experience in Securities Regulation and Corporate Finance is recommended.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 811

Course History

Fall 2016
Title: Hedge Fund Investing
Faculty: Meister, Paul A
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 24