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Colloquium: Public Law

This is an advanced seminar that will bring together outside scholars, resident faculty, and Northwestern students for an exchange of views about cutting-edge research on public law. Every second week, a workshop will be held at which a leading scholar will present a paper growing out of their research on such issues as administrative, constitutional, international, and comparative law. These workshops will be attended by members of the faculty of the School of Law, faculty from other schools and departments within and without Northwestern, and interested students. On weeks when there is no outside speaker, the seminar will meet to review the previous week's workshop and to discuss the following week's paper. Students are required to write short reaction papers in response to each of the six speakers and to participate actively in the discussions of workshop presentations. Grades will be based on the quality and consistency of classroom attendance and discussion, and the quality and timeliness of the reaction papers. Reading materials will be posted on-line; there is no required textbook for this course. There are no prerequisites for this course, although students with a background in administrative, constitutional, international, and comparative law can draw on their knowledge of those subjects in fashioning reaction papers.

Catalog Number: LAWSTUDY 704

Course History

Fall 2017
Title: Colloquium: Public Law
Faculty: McGinnis, John O. (courses | profile)
Pfander, James E. (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 13