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Business Principles for Lawyers

This class is designed to expose students to business literacy concepts underlying all practices of law, to further each student's ability to "crack the corporate code" by thinking like a businessperson but acting like a lawyer. This includes all essential business concepts (including financial statements, how business entities are structured, and functions for private versus public entities (i.e., SEC filings like S1, 10K, 10Q); term sheet drafting and review (with a particular focus on identifying and understanding relevant provisions); understanding corporate entities, the key players, and the scenarios that require corporate counsel (who the key players are on the corporate side, what is the bankers' role in the transactions, what types of scenarios require "deal" work (i.e., mergers/acquisitions, financing, divestitures, partnerships, etc.); and finally, opportunities in corporate America with a JD (meant to help students understand how they can leverage their JD beyond their practice). Evaluation Methods: Weekly readings and knowledge of current business news will be required for class discussions. Attendance is mandatory as part of class participation. Additionally, there will be a mid-term and final project. The mid-term is designed to engage you in the experience of completing a negotiation with another party around key items for a term sheet for a merger, and subsequently term sheet drafting. Grading will be based on, after completing the joint negotiation (teams of 2 only, with each person representing one party), how well your side's term sheet is written. The final is broken into 2 parts with equal weighting; first, students will break into small groups (3 - 4 people) and present a summary during the final in-class session of a public corporate entity's recent performance, financial situation, and S1 / 10K / 10Q review and analysis - from both a business and a legal perspective, and submit a corresponding write-up (20-30 minute presentations during the final class, and 10 page write-up, double spaced); second, during the finals period, each student will analyze a business scenario and identify the legal implications and recommended actions to move forward (10 pages, double spaced). Class Materials: Mergers & Acquisitions Basics, by Michael Frankel - ISBN-13: 9780471675181 Term Sheets & Valuations: An Inside Look at the Intricacies of Term Sheets & Valuation, by Alex Wilmerding - ISBN-13: 978-1587620683 Finance for Managers, by HBR - ISBN-13: 978-1578518760

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 707
Additional Course Information: Experiential Learning

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Fall 2017
Title: Business Principles for Lawyers
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 23