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Clinic: Mediation Advocacy

This clinic focuses on two important developments in the practice of law: 1) the increasing use of mediation to resolve disputes and 2) the impact of technology on the future of legal services. In most jurisdictions, well over 90% of civil cases settle before trial through a variety of settlement processes including mediation and judicial settlement conferences. The Mediation Advocacy Clinic (the ¿MAC¿) provides students with an opportunity to advocate for a live client in a mediation. MAC students will engage in specific tasks including: -reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the client¿s legal case; -identifying the interests and alternatives of all parties; -preparing a negotiation strategy for the mediation; -working with the client on how best to present themselves and their case in the mediation; -working with the other side on creative solutions; -enlisting the support of the mediator; and -maximizing the outcome for the client The arrangement with all MAC clients will be a limited representation agreement and will focus solely on preparing for and representing the client during the mediation phase of any litigation or proceedings. We will partner with the EEOC, The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, The Chicago Commission on Human Relations, and other organizations to obtain cases. In addition to partnering with one of these organizations, students will use the Access to Justice (A2J) Author computer-based platform to design and create an interactive guide pro se clients can access online to prepare for a mediation. By designing a guide using A2J Author, students must not only demonstrate an understanding of effective client interview strategies, but will also have the opportunity to explore unique issues technology presents in today¿s legal practice. Integrating A2J Author in the MAC increases students¿ exposure to emerging technologies, enhances their technology fluency, and increases the MAC¿s impact to include pro se clients outside the Chicago area. Pre-requisites: Negotiation, LITARB 670 or 670K or Cultural Negotiation LITARB 674 are a pre-requisite for this course. As in all clinics, students must be Rule 711 eligible (having completed at least half of your total hourly credits required for graduation). Both 3Ls and second-semester 2Ls are responsible for obtaining certification to practice as student attorneys under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711. Text: Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future 1st Edition by Richard Susskind Please note: This is a one-semester clinic only offered in Fall 2015 and will not be offered in the Spring 2016 semester.

Catalog Number: LITARB 738

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Fall 2016
Title: Clinic: Mediation Advocacy
Faculty: Carrel, Alyson (courses | profile)
Section: 1     Credits: 4.0
Capacity: 8     Actual: 8