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Fed Crim Justice Practice

This course will integrate instruction on federal criminal issues and procedures with simulated practice by students. The course will cover federal criminal pretrial practice from investigation up to trial, and provide multiple opportunities for student performance to develop professional skills and understanding. In particular, the course will provide instruction on (i) federal investigation techniques and authority (Grand Jury/administrative subpoenas and search warrants); (ii) corporate internal investigations and related privilege and ethical issues; (iii) federal prosecution guidelines and charging decisions; (iv) initial appearances following arrest/indictment, and accompanying bail/detention proceedings (v) criminal discovery under the federal rules; (vi) pretrial motions and practice; and (vii) plea agreements (including deferred- and non-prosecution agreements) and cooperation. Students will be expected to engage in regular practice simulations related to the pretrial stages of a federal criminal case, overseen by the instructor. For example, students will conduct mock witness interviews in the context of a corporate internal investigation and draft accompanying interview memoranda, present motions and arguments seeking, and objecting to, pretrial detention, and prepare motions in limine seeking to exclude or admit evidence. Although the course will provide opportunities for oral and written advocacy, these opportunities will focus on pretrial proceedings rather than concern trial advocacy. A student’s grade would be based on performance in simulated practice opportunities (both oral and written) and a final written examination. Criminal Law is a pre-req for this course.

Catalog Number: CRIM 626
Additional Course Information: Experiential Learning,  Professional Writing

Course History

Fall 2017
Title: Fed Crim Justice Practice
Faculty: Doss, Michael Patrick
Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 4