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Criminal RICO Prosecutions:

This seminar will explore federal criminal RICO law through the lens of actual public corruption and gang prosecutions. The class will be divided into two main segments. The beginning of the course will examine the basics of RICO law by focusing on learning the substantive elements and understanding the types of predicate offenses that can support a RICO prosecution. We will also compare substantive RICO and RICO conspiracy charges and consider other federal statutes that provide alternatives in some circumstances to using RICO. The remainder of the course will address RICO law through in-depth case studies of actual federal prosecutions. We will examine how RICO law is applied to criminal public corruption and gang prosecutions focusing primarily on two federal RICO cases. We will analyze the use of RICO by following those cases from indictment through the stages of a trial to the appeal. Students will apply legal principals learned during the first segment to an evaluation of real cases. This will include the opportunity to employ substantive RICO knowledge by arguing against a motion to dismiss a RICO indictment.

Catalog Number: CRIM 612

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Course History

Fall 2019
Title: Criminal RICO Prosecutions:
Faculty: Stack, Meghan M

Section: 1     Credits: 2.0
Capacity: 25     Actual: 19