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Global Business Regulation & Risk Assessment

Legal/regulatory compliance requirements have seen a sharp increase globally. This increase reflects the rather rapid development of normative values regarding compliance and business ethics of society at large. The proliferation of laws across the globe (and the evolution of existing laws) adds to the complexity of increased compliance requirements for business conduct in areas such as accounting, anti-bribery, antitrust, data privacy, and intellectual property; this impacts both emerging and established companies. Increased penalties for violations have become substantial and reputational damage to companies that result from liability has become significant. This course will provide the analytical tools necessary to understand the complexities of compliance as part of a business risk analysis and to use compliance in shaping business strategy. Students will be assessed based on their ability to lead discussion on one of the case studies. This includes: an ability to summarize salient features of the case study, analyze what a company did wrong, and suggest improvements for compliance-related performance going forward.

Catalog Number: REGLAW 925-0

Additional Course Information: MSL students only

Course History

Spring 2020
Title: Global Business Regulation & Risk Assessment
Faculty: Sokol, David Daniel
Section: 1     Credits: 1.0
Capacity: 28     Actual: 11