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Integration of Science and Clinical Care

Traditionally, health care has been delivered in two silos - the research realm and the clinical care/health care provider. Although the two may have recognized the importance of each other, they weren't truly enmeshed. Innovative, cutting-edge organizations are breaking down those barriers while cross-fertilizing the two fields. The combination of these two areas has ultimately led to numerous scientific advances, as well as to a higher quality of care. However, the primary focus in research is on societal well-being versus clinical is on individual patients. As a result, with those walls being struck down comes fascinating challenges from a legal, regulatory and ethical perspective. This class is designed to not only help you recognize the issues but experience first-hand approaches for the future. An assessment for the purposes of a grade will be made based upon your participation in the robust class discussion which will include knowledge and analysis of pre-reading materials.

Catalog Number: BUSCOM 985-0

Additional Course Information: MSL students only

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Spring 2020
Title: Integration of Science and Clinical Care
Faculty: Paridy, Nancy E
Section: 1     Credits: 0.5
Capacity: 30     Actual: 26