Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Registration Procedures and Limit

Registration for ITP courses will be held with the regular Law School course bidding in the Fall and Spring semesters. The four team leaders are automatically enrolled in an ITP course at the cost of 125 bid points. The class size cap is 24 students (including team leaders). If more than 24 students are interested in enrolling in an ITP course, students will be placed on a waitlist and enrolled as slots become available. 

Students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of two ITP courses, resulting in 8-10 credits during their time at the law school. 

Financing ITP

Students are responsible for financing ITP out-of-pocket. Students are typically eligible to apply for additional financial aid loans to pay for ITP. Total course budget cannot exceed $5,000 (for spring break travel) and $6,500 (for winter break travel).

Travel Dates

Offered in both semesters with options for varied length of travel. Fall ITP courses will travel over the winter break and Spring courses will travel over spring break.

Travel Rules

  1. Only students enrolled in ITP are permitted to participate in the research travel.
  2. Students are not permitted to miss classes while participating in ITP field research. Travel arrangements must be booked to ensure no classes are missed before or after field research.

Class Deposit and Dropping ITP

To remain enrolled in ITP, a $500 nonrefundable deposit is required shortly after bidding ends. Emergency loans are available from the Office of Financial Aid for those unable to pay the deposit out-of-pocket. Dropping ITP after the monetary deposit has been made will result in loss of the deposit and bid points.

Credits and Writing Requirements

ITP courses will be offered for 4 credits. Student leaders receive 5 credits. Student research papers may count for the 1 draft/seminar writing requirement, but will not count for a 2 or 3 draft writing requirement for JD students.

Students Eligible to Enroll

2Ls, 3Ls and LLM students are eligible to enroll in ITP courses subject to certain limitations:

  1. Students who have participated in an ITP course may enroll in an ITP again, but must choose a different country. Similarly, students who participated in Kellogg's GIM program, must choose a different country to study for ITP.
  2. LLM and foreign JD students may not enroll in an ITP course in which the subject country is the student's home country.
  3. LLM-Taxation students must obtain prior written approval from David Cameron, Associate Director, Tax Program and must be studying taxation in the subject country.
  4. Students who enroll in an ITP course may not take Kellogg courses during the Kellogg's winter quarter as ITP travel conflicts with Kellogg's winter term exams.
  5. Students may only participate in two ITP courses during their time at the Law School.
MSL students are also eligible to enroll in ITP courses, but registration will be handled separately by the MSL program. 

For a list of important dates and deadlines go to the ITP timeline.