Take Advantage of Our Career Services

Take Advantage of Our Career Services

Northwestern Law provides a series of professional and career development sessions specifically tailored to your needs. These services focus on enhancing your skills in key areas of professional, business and career development. Past sessions have included:

 In-depth discussions on the U.S. legal market, hiring and employment issues for international students

  • An interactive program on networking for non-U.S. attorneys
  • Visit a major international law firm
  • Visit the U.S. Court

The training and professional development programs set out above are intended to enhance your U.S.-based studies by deepening your understanding of the U.S. legal market, how to build and maintain a global professional network, and how to develop business and contacts in the U.S.  You will also have the opportunity to meet with an experienced career and professional development advisor, to discuss your current career path, long-term and short-term professional goals, and to work on CV/resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Please note that the ELLMC career services is not intended to provide a path to employment, either in short-term internships or permanent positions, in the U.S. Due to the competitive nature of the current U.S. legal market and difficulties for professionals in gaining authorization to work in the U.S. The vast majority of all foreign-trained LLM students pursue their career outside of the U.S. after graduation. Prospective students should also note that the ELLMC program does not qualify the participants for an optional practical training visa.