PhDs and Postdocs

The Master of Science in Law degree enables PhDs and postdocs to augment their skills by acquiring a strong understanding of law and business. Advanced degree candidates are often interested in careers outside academia – in industry, administrative roles, government and policy positions, and so on – but their technical training does not always prepare them well for these other functions. The MSL fills this void by offering a curriculum that contextualizes STEM training and focuses on the legal, business, and regulatory landscape of innovation. 

The MSL Program is exciting, intense, and concentrated. Just a few weeks into the program, STEM professionals begin to think in a more sophisticated way about legal and business matters. As they progress through the program and learn how lawyers and business people solve problems, STEM PhDs are newly able to participate with confidence and expertise in business and legal conversations. In effect, the MSL enables PhDs to become tri-lingual, adding business and legal knowledge and terminology to their existing technical vocabulary. By mastering knowledge and skills beyond the scientific and technical, MSL graduates differentiate themselves from their STEM peers; upon completing the program, they are equipped to be valuable players in industry, policy, and startup settings.

MSL student

Stephanie Pulliam
MSL '17

"As I neared the end of my PhD study, I longed for a career beyond the laboratory that would utilize my knowledge of science.

I wanted a career that would allow for continued learning and exposure to emerging developments in science, and interactions with scientists in all fields of biomedicine. The MSL program addressed this desire directly. Its focus on intellectual property and regulation has provided knowledge that will facilitate an easier transition to my next career. "

MSL-trained PhDs and postdocs expand their opportunities beyond purely technical, research, academic, and bench positions to more multi-faceted positions at the intersection of law, business, and innovation including product developer, business analyst, scientific advisor, entrepreneur, engineering manager, government regulator, contracts manager, IP specialist, tech transfer officer, IP portfolio manager, regulatory compliance officer, business developer, and consultant.

PhDs and Postdocs are eligible to apply for the MSL-PhD scholarship.