Course Schedule

Term-by-term course schedule for the current academic year:

MSL 2021-2022 Schedule (pdf)

Sample Student Schedules

Here are a few examples of how previous students have structured their curriculum:

Student #1: Full-Time Student, Mixer & Matcher (pdf)

Student #2: Full-Time Student, IP & Patents Focus (pdf)

Student #3: Full-Time Student, Business Law & Entrepreneurship Focus (pdf)

Student #4: Full-Time Student, Regulatory Analysis & Strategy Focus (pdf)

Student #5: Part-Time Student (pdf)

MSL student

Kshiteesh Shukla
MSL '17

"The most valuable course for me so far has been Design Thinking.

This course helped me become a better problem solver—I learned how to approach a problem and find a solution. It is useful in every phase of life.