Online Short Courses

Online Short Courses

Northwestern Pritzker Law is offering globally accessible online educational programs taught by our Law School faculty. The online learning experience is designed to offer working professionals industry-relevant skills and personalized, people-mediated support without compromising on work and family responsibilities.

Each short course is broken up into several modules with weekly deadlines, created to allow students to work when it suits them best. At the beginning of each module, they will be presented with all the lectures, notes, and assignments needed for completion. Students will also have 24-hour access to a Success Adviser who’ll help set goals, track key milestones, and manage time.


The Law School is partnering with online education provider GetSmarter, a 2U, Inc. brand, to deliver premium online courses in a high quality, collaborative format.*

Digital Transformation of Legal Services: From Continuous Improvement to Disruption

Industries and businesses worldwide have reached a tipping point — organizations must adopt digital transformation or hedge their bets in a landscape characterized by disruption. The legal industry, however, has been slow to adapt. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can disrupt the very foundations of how legal work is practiced and delivered. Still, for many legal providers, digital transformation is not yet on the radar.

The Digital Transformation of Legal Services online short course sets you on the path to innovation. This industry-specific course exposes you to the legal services sector's evolving nature and the forces driving its change. Gain a functional understanding of disruptive technologies, such as AI and automation, and explore the frameworks needed to innovate and deliver superior, technology-powered legal services.

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Entrepreneurship: Law and Finance

Explore the legal and financial journey of starting a business with the Entrepreneurship: Law and Finance online short course. Over eight weeks, you’ll follow the natural life cycle of a new venture through a detailed, ongoing case study and cover everything that entrepreneurs need to know at each step of the start-up process. From navigating founders’ agreements, contract drafting, and trademark law, to building a team and securing future venture capital, you’ll learn how to manage the growth of your business. Ultimately, you’ll develop the practical tools and knowledge required to build a sustainable company.

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Privacy Law and Data Protection

As businesses become more digital, the volume of data generated about consumers, clients, and suppliers increases significantly. This increase raises concerns around privacy and data protection, and how to comply with privacy laws. An understanding of the foundational principles of privacy law is increasingly vital for business and legal professionals to be able to interpret privacy and data protection laws and navigate the regulatory landscape.

The Privacy Law and Data Protection online short course equips students with an in-depth understanding of U.S. privacy laws, enabling them to make better decisions to protect data, mitigate business risks, and comply with federal, state, and domain-specific privacy and data legislation. On completion of this course, students will have created a personalized privacy law road map that can be applied to their organization to help create better privacy policies.

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* Please Note: We do not provide reports of assessments, or “transcripts,” as these courses do not generate academic credit. Participation in the short courses offered through 2U/GetSmarter cannot be applied toward any Northwestern Pritzker School of Law or Northwestern University degree or certificate program and will not qualify the participant to sit for a bar exam in any jurisdiction.