Scholarship Challenge for Today and Tomorrow

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law must be a place that welcomes and educates students regardless of financial condition and circumstance. This is a key priority of the Motion to Lead campaign. Our ability to provide sufficient support to ameliorate student need, and thereby keep student loan debt manageable, has been limited—not as a result of wavering commitment, but because of a lack of sufficient funds. 

Recruiting Top Students

Eduardo Reyes Chavez

"Growing up as a farmer in a small village in Mexico and then in a low-income home in Salt Lake City made me realize that education is the key to success. As a first-generation low-income student of color, my only way to pay for school has been through scholarships and student loans. For these reasons, this scholarship means that I am able to attend law school despite the fact that my parents cannot contribute to my educational expenses."

— Eduardo Reyes Chavez, JD '16

Recruiting the most qualified students has become an increasingly competitive process. Our peer law schools have bolstered financial aid, leveraging their resources to recruit applicants through substantially more generous aid packages. We must continue to expand our investment in scholarships in order to compete. Our continuing excellence and reputation depends upon our ability to recruit exceptional students to Northwestern, both today and in the future. We must also continue to recruit a diverse student body—diverse educationally, professionally, economically, culturally, and geographically—and this requires augmented investment.

Scholarship Challenge

Recognizing the critical need for additional endowed scholarships, J.B. and M.K. Pritzker designated a significant portion of their extraordinary gift to scholarships. To encourage others to join them in creating endowed scholarships for future Law School students, while also meeting the needs of today’s students, they established a one-to-two match that provided $100,000 in matching funds to any benefactor who made a scholarship gift of $200,000 or more. The Challenge was intended to inspire gifts from Law School supporters who share J.B.’s and M.K.’s understanding of the importance of investing in students. Gifts made by these supporters were matched in two ways—to provide immediate support for current students and to increase each scholarship endowment.

We launched this Challenge with the goal of establishing several of these scholarships by August 31, 2017, to significantly increase the number of students receiving support, both today and tomorrow. The Challenge inspired donors to give over $2.5 million to create or add to 15 endowed scholarship funds. The scholarships are named according to the wishes of the benefactors and the recipients are notified of J.B.’s and M.K.’s role in the creation of their scholarship.

Terri Mascherin

"I came to Northwestern because of the generous schol­arship I was offered but what I ended up receiving was so much more than that. I had a wonderful experience, received a great education, enjoyed extraordinary teach­ers, met my husband, and made lifelong friends who have enhanced my professional and personal life. Northwestern has become a part of my DNA and I can honestly say that whenever they call, I say 'yes' I want other students and future attorneys to have the same opportunity I have had."

— Terri Mascherin, JD '84; Partner, Jenner & Block