Instructional Continuity Planning

Preparing a Backup Plan for Teaching

It is imperative to keep your class on schedule during disruptive times, in the event that we are not able to continue classes on campus. While the ABA rules require that we conduct classes at the Law School, COVID-19 creates an unprecedented situation that will require new approaches in the event of widespread campus cancellations.

We expect faculty to be prepared to adapt instruction as necessary to address the challenges of continuing course work. It is important to have a plan to ensure smooth communication with students about alternate plans, make up class dates, or the conversion of some activities in the course to online activities.

It is essential to have a clear communication plan for your students which can be shared in the course syllabus in order to maintain continuity for your class. How will you contact students? How should they contact you? Where should students go to find out information about changes to your class? What will be expected of them in the event of a prolonged university closure?

Plan now and adopt tools that will allow you to teach remotely if such a need arises. Use the tools in the following pages to create plans and access tools to keep your courses going and maintain your high level of quality.