Undocumented Student Resources

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law seeks to ensure an inclusive experience for all members of our community, regardless of immigration status.  For that reason, we provide information on University, local, and national resources designed to support our community members with undocumented status.  President Schapiro has made it clear that Northwestern University will not reveal the immigration status of students, faculty or staff to the federal government.

Northwestern University Resources

  • Petitioners Organizing for DACA’s Effective Replacement (PODER) is a Northwestern Pritzker School of Law student organization formed for the purpose of advocating for a fair and efficient pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.  
  • The Northwestern Office of Student Enrichment Services (SES) oversees the coordination of resources and services available for students who have DACA status, are undocumented, or have undocumented family members.
  • Join Advancement for the Undocumented Community at Northwestern (AUC)to learn more about support and resources for the undocumented/DACA community. AUC is a Northwestern student group. 

FAQs: The information provided in response to the FAQs listed below is meant only as a guide and should not be considered legal advice. If you have questions related to legal advice, please contact SES for more assistance.

Local Resources

Community Mental Health Resources

If you are concerned about yourself or your loved ones, seek reliable and trusted legal guidance and/or mental health services from one of the agencies listed below.

National Resources