Events this Week

Friday, March 24

Let's Talk Drop-In Hour (in-person at Feinberg) [1:00 PM]

Monday, March 27

Mindfulness Meditation with Professor Cliff Zimmerman [12:50 PM]

Let's Talk Drop-In Counseling [3:00 PM]

Tuesday, March 28

Be Well Time-Out [11:00 AM]

AELS hold [12:00 PM]

Be Well Run [3:00 PM]

AAPI In-House Attorney Panel [3:00 PM]

Wednesday, March 29

Northwestern Circles [12:00 PM]

1L Destress Fest [12:00 PM]

Be Well: Emotional Freedom Technique [12:00 PM]

Building an Upper Level JD Curriculum [12:00 PM]

ESL Workshop [2:00 PM]

Productivity and Time Management Workshop [2:30 PM]

ESL Workshop [3:00 PM]

Yoga at the Law School with Peggy Kern, 2L [4:00 PM]

Washington DC Admitted Student & Alumni Reception [5:00 PM]

Thursday, March 30

Be Well Run [8:00 AM]

ESL Workshop [12:00 PM]

Let's Talk [12:00 PM]

Women of Color Collective (WOCC): Navigating Big Law as Women of Color [12:00 PM]

ACS presents The Right to Strike: Glacier Northwest, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters [3:00 PM]

Mindfulness Meditation with Professor Len Riskin  [4:30 PM]

DC Alumni Chapter - Private Law, Public Law, and the Path In Between [5:00 PM]

SFPIF Public Interest Celebration and Fundraiser [5:30 PM]

Friday, March 31

Admitted Students Weekend  [7:00 AM]

MyPath Facts - Corporate Deep Dive [12:00 PM]

Let's Talk Drop-In Hour (in-person at Feinberg) [1:00 PM]

Saturday, April 1

Admitted Students Weekend  [7:00 AM]

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