Daniel F. Spulber

Professor of Law (Courtesy)
Elinor Hobbs Distinguished Professor of International Business
Professor of Management Strategy

Selected Publications

  • The Theory of The Firm: Microeconomics With Endogenous Entrepreneurs, Firms, Markets, and Organizations (Cambridge University Press 2009).
  • Networks in Telecommunications: Economics and Law (Cambridge University Press 2009) (with Christopher S. Yoo).
  • Should Business Method Inventions be Patentable?, 3 Journal of Legal Analysis 265-340 (Spring, 2011).
  • The Quality of Innovation and the Extent of the Market, Journal of International Economics (2010).
  • Discovering the Role of the Firm: The Separation Criterion and Corporate Law , 6 Berkeley Business Law Journal 298-347 (2009).
  • Innovation and International Trade in Technology, 138 Journal of Economic Theory 1-20 (2008).

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Prior Appointments

  • Research Director of the Searle Center for Law, Regulation and Economic Growth, Northwestern University School of Law

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