Off-Campus Interview

Beginning September 1, to request an off-campus interview, you must submit an application first and indicate your wish to interview off-campus in the Interview section of the application. Please review the interview options for the program to which you are applying on the Request an Interview page. Not all programs provide an opportunity to interview off-campus. The deadline to submit your application requesting an off-campus interview is January 15. Submitting an application constitutes an off-campus interview request.

Off-campus interviews usually take place with alumni. Interviews are available in most US metropolitan areas as well as a number of foreign locations. A limited number of interviews are available at each location. Please note that some locations will become fully booked before January. You will have the opportunity to choose your interview location in the Interview section of the application. We attempt to assign applicants to interviewers within a 75-mile radius of their requested location.

For off-campus interviews, Northwestern Law cannot guarantee particular times or dates as our alumni are very busy. Interviews usually take place at the alumni interviewer's place of business during work hours. If you must interview on a particular date or time you should consider an on-campus interview instead.

After you submit your application requesting an off-campus interview, when your assignment has been made, you will receive an email alerting you to check the Off-Campus Interviewing Portal. Please allow approximately three (3) weeks to receive your interviewer's contact information. Once you login to the Portal, you will find the contact information of your alumni interviewer.

After you have received your off-campus interview assignment from the Admissions Office and scheduled an appointment with your alumni interviewer, please login and report your interview date. It is your responsibility to check the Portal to obtain your interviewer's contact information and report your interview date.

Off-Campus Interviewing Portal