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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 101, Issue 3

Volume 101, Issue 3

  Adapting to Administrative Law's Erie Doctrine [citation]   Kathryn A. Watts 997-1056
  Local Redistribution, Living Wage Ordinances, and Judicial Intervention [citation]   Clayton P. Gillette 1057-1122
  Knowledge Inputs, Legal Institutions, and Firm Structure:  Towards a Knowledge-Based Theory of the Firm [citation]   Érica Gorga & Michael Halberstam 1123-1206
  The Paradox of Expansionest Statutory Interpretations [citation]   Daniel B. Rodriguez & Barry R. Weingast 1207-1256
  Extraordinary Crimes at Ordinary Times:  International Justice Beyond Crisis Situations [citation]   Sonja Starr 1257-1314
  Trust Law as Regulatory Law:  The UNUM/Provident Scandal and Judicial Review of Benefits Denials under ERISA [citation]   John H. Langbein 1315-1342
  From Park Place to Community Chess:  Rethinking Lawyers' Monopoly [citation]   Tom Lininger 1343-1370
  Criminal Forfeiture and the Sixth Amendment's Right to Jury Trial Post-Booker [citation]   Matthew R. Ford 1371-1418
  Unlawful Evictions of Female Victims of Domestic Violence:  Extending Title VII's Sex Stereotyping Theories To the Fair Housing Act [citation]   Elizabeth M. Whitehorn 1419-1458
  Mandatory Pro Bono and Private Attorneys General [citation]   Samuel R. Bagenstos 1459-1468
  On Affirmative Action and "Truly Individualized Consideration" [citation]   Andrew Koppelman & Donald Rebstock 1469-1482