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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 101, Issue 4

Volume 101, Issue 4

  Ideological Drift among Supreme Court Justices:  Who, When, and How Important? [citation]   Lee Epstein, Andrew D. Martin, Kevin M. Quinn & Jeffrey A. Segal 1483-1542
  Paying CEOs in Bankruptcy:  Executive Compensation When Agency Costs are Low [citation]   M. Todd Henderson 1543-1618
  Rethinking Patent Law's Uniformity Principle [citation]   Craig Allen Nard & John F. Duffy 1619-1676
  Grandfathering and Environmental Regulation:  The Law and Economics of New Source Review [citation]   Jonathan Remy Nash & Richard L. Revesz 1677-1734
  Rethinking Patent Law's Uniformity Principle: A Response to Nard & Duffy [citation]   S. Jay Plager & Lynne E. Pettigrew 1735-1758
  Is Affirmative Action Responsible for the Achievement Gap Between Black and White Law Students? [citation]   Katherine Y. Barnes 1759-1808
  Uncovering Covering [citation]   Russell K. Robinson 1809-1850
  Substantial Similarity and Architectural Works: Filtering Out "Total Concept and Feel" [citation]   Daniel Su 1851-1884
  Justices Who Change:  A Response to Epstein et al. [citation]   Linda Greenhouse 1885-1890
  The Use and Limits of Martin-Quinn Scores to Assess Supreme Court Justices, with Special Attention to the Problem of Ideological Drift [citation]   Ward Farnsworth 1891-1904
  Why Supermajoritarianism Does Not Illuminate the Interpretive Debate Between Originalists and Non-Originalists [citation]   Ethan J. Leib 1905-1918
  Originalism and Supermajoritarianism:  Defending the Nexus [citation]   John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport 1919-1930
  Is Post-Kelo Eminent Domain Reform Bad for the Poor? [citation]   Ilya Somin 1931-1944