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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 105, Issue 1

Volume 105, Issue 1

  Flexing Judicial Muscle: An Empirical Study of Judicial Activism in the Federal Courts [citation]   Corey Rayburn Yung 1–60
  Privileges or Immunities [citation]   Philip Hamburger 61–148
  Rethinking the Interest-Convergence Thesis [citation]
        Colloquy Responses: 
        Do the Right Thing: Understanding the Interest-Convergence Thesis
        by Stephen M. Feldman
  Justin Driver 149–198
  The Flawed Probabilistic Foundation of Law and Economics [citation]   Alex Stein 199–260
  The State (Never) Rests: How Excessive Prosecutorial Caseloads Harm Criminal Defendants [citation]
        Colloquy Responses: 
        Sacrificing Quantity for Quality: Better Focusing Prosecutors' Scarce Resources
        by Stephanos Bibas
        Physician, Heal Thyself: Discretion and the Problem of Excessive...
        by Josh Bowers
  Adam M. Gershowitz & Laura R. Killinger 261–302
  Reforming the Filibuster [citation]   Gerard N. Magliocca 303–328
  Legal Remedies for Saving Public Interest Journalism in America [citation]   Nick Gamse 329–366
  The Virtues of Virtual Marking in Patent Reform [citation]   Corey McCaffrey 367–400
  Iqbal as Judicial Rorschach Test: An Empirical Study of District Court Interpretations of Ashcroft v. Iqbal [citation]   Colleen McNamara 401–436
  McDonald v. Chicago: Which Standard of Scrutiny Should Apply to Gun Control Laws? [citation]   Lawrence Rosenthal & Joyce Lee Malcolm 437–466