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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 105, Issue 2

Volume 105, Issue 2

  Foreword: Political Science and Law [citation]   Nick Gamse & Stephanie Kissel Leiter 467–470
  Agency Rulemaking and Political Transitions [citation] [data]   Anne Joseph O'Connell 471–534
  Beyond Principal-Agent Theories: Law and the Judicial Hierarchy [citation]   Pauline T. Kim 535–576
  Realism About Judges [citation]   Richard A. Posner 577–586
  Diversifying the Federal Bench: Is Universal Legitimacy for the U.S. Justice System Possible? [citation]   Nancy Scherer 587–634
  Strategic Globalization: International Law as an Extension of Domestic Political Conflict [citation]   Jide Nzelibe 635–688
  The New Old Legal Realism [citation]   Tracey E. George, Mitu Gulati & Ann C. McGinley 689–736
  Party Polarization and Congressional Committee Consideration of Constitutional Questions [citation]   Neal Devins 737–788
  Is Affirmative Action Responsible for the Achievement Gap Between Black and White Law Students? A Correction, a Lesson, and an Update [citation] [data]   Katherine Y. Barnes 791–812
  Revisiting Law School Mismatch: A Comment on Barnes (2007, 2011) [citation] [data]   Doug Williams, Richard Sander, Marc Luppino & Roger Bolus 813–828
  Qualified Immunity, Constitutional Stagnation, and the Global War on Terror [citation]   Sarah L. Lochner 829–868
  A Foucauldian Call for the Archaeological Excavation of Discourse in the Post-Boumediene Habeas Litigation [citation]   Jonathan David Shaub 869–918
  Tax Accrual Workpapers and Textron: Is Litigation Strategy No Longer Protected? [citation]   Lindsey Sullivan 919–946
  The Demise of "Drive-by Jurisdictional Rulings" [citation]   Howard M. Wasserman 947–968
  Rethinking the Order of Battle in Constitutional Torts: A Reply to John Jeffries [citation]   Nancy Leong 969–982