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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 105, Issue 4

Fall 2011, Volume 105, Issue 4

  Private Rights in Public Lands: The Chicago Lakefront, Montgomery Ward, and the Public Dedication Doctrine [citation]   Joseph D. Kearney & Thomas W. Merrill 1417–1530
  When Erie Goes International [citation]
        Colloquy Responses: 
        Erie's International Effect
        by Michael Steven Green
  Donald Earl Childress III 1531–1580
  Regulatory Change and Optimal Transition Relief [citation]   Richard L Revesz & Allison L. Westfahl Kong 1581–1634
  An Appraisal Puzzle [citation]   George S. Geis 1635–1678
  Intraportfolio Litigation [citation]   Amanda M. Rose & Richard Squire 1679–1706
  Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: How Illinois Has Used the "Prejudice" Prong of Strickland to Lower the Floor on Performance When Defendants Plead Guilty [citation]   Erin A. Conway 1707–1738
  "Keeping Books on Romance": The Gift Exclusion in Nonmarital Relationships [citation]   Debra Lefler 1739–1776
  Adult Adoption: Intestate Succession and Class Gifts Under the Uniform Probate Code [citation]   Sarah Ratliff 1777–1806
  Can Popular Constitutionalism Survive the Tea Party Movement? [citation]   Jared A. Goldstein 1807–1820
  Scribble Scrabble, the Second Amendment, and Historical Guideposts: A Short Reply to Lawrence Rosenthal and Joyce Lee Malcolm [citation]   Patrick J. Charles 1821–1840