Law Review
Northwestern Law
Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 107, Issue 1

Winter 2012, Volume 107, Issue 1

  The Brussels Effect [citation]   Anu Bradford 1–68
  Spatial Legality [citation]   Anthony J. Colangelo 69–126
  Settling the Confusion: Applying Federal Common Law in Settlement Enforcement Proceedings Arising From Federal Claims [citation]   Judge Morton Denlow & Jonny Zajac 127–168
  The Standing Doctrine's Dirty Little Secret [citation]   Evan Tsen Lee & Josephine Mason Ellis 169–236
  You Can't Go Holmes Again [citation]   Lumen N. Mulligan 237–284
  Should Size or Wealth Equal Sophistication in Federal Securities Laws? [citation]   Greg Oguss 285–320
  Transfer Taxes in Flux: A Comparison of Alternative Plans for GRAT Reform [citation]   Samuel R. Scarcello 321–360
  The Kill Switch: The New Battle over Presidential Recess Appointments [citation]   Jeff VanDam 361–398
  Citizens United and the Scope of Professor Teachout's Anti-Corruption Principle [citation]   Seth Barrett Tillman 399–422
  Moderating Mayo [citation]   Bernard Chao 423–442