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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 98, Issue 2

Volume 98, Issue 2

SYMPOSIUM: Personal Jurisdiction in the Internet Age

Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet:  Seeing Due Process Through the Lens of Regulatory Precision

Allan R. Stein

Aliens, the Internet, and "Purposeful Availment":  A Reassessment of Fifth Amendment Limits on Personal Jurisdiction

Wendy Perdue

Internet Libel:  The Consequences of a Non-Rule Approach to Personal Jurisdiction

Patrick J. Borchers

Of Nodes and Power Laws:  A Network Theory Approach to Internet Jurisdiction Through Data Privacy

Andrea M. Matwyshyn


Induced Litigation

Tracey E. George and Chris Guthrie


Toward an Understanding of the Dialectical Tensions Inherent in CEO and Key Employee Retention Plans During Bankruptcy

Allison K. Verderber Herriott

Some War Crimes Are Not Better Than Others:  The Failure of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia to Prosecute War Crimes in Macedonia

Damjan Panovski

Compensation for the Fruit of the Fund's Use:  The Takings Clause and Tax Refunds

Jeremy R. Polk

The Constitutional Fate of Mandatory Reporting Statutes and Clergy-Communicant Privilege In a Post- Smith World

Christopher R. Pudelski

Am I My Mother's Keeper?  The Case Against the Use of Juvenile Arrest Records in One-Strike Public Housing Evictions

Renai S. Rodney