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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 99, Issue 2

Volume 99, Issue 2


Collective Violence and Individual Punishment:  The Criminality of Mass Atrocity

Mark A. Drumbl

Preserving a Precious Resource:  Rationalizing the Use of Antibiotics

Eric Kades

The Meaning of Value:  Assessing Just Compensation for Regulatory Takings

Christopher Serkin

Judges and Ideology:  Public and Academic Debates About Statistical Measures

Gregory C. Sisk & Michael Heise


Rodrigo and Revisionism:  Relearning the Lessons of History

Richard Delgado


What Is Really Wrong with Compelled Association?

Seana Valentine Shiffrin


The "Inherent Risk" Doctrine, Amateur Coaching Negligence, and the Goal of Loss Avoidance

Tim B. Fitzgerald

Contracts, Combinations, Conspiracies, and Conservation:  Antitrust in Oil Unitization and the Intertemporal Problem

Chiawen C. Kiew

Questioning the Questions:  The Impermissibility of Police Deception in Interrogations of Juveniles

Patrick M. McMullen