04/21/17, David M. Shapiro commentary: Sentenced to Shut Up: To Protect Free Expression, Curb Prison Censorship, Truthout

02/10/17, After juries punish officers, the penalties are often negotiated away, Chicago Tribune

11/17/16, Prosecutor admitted in FBI report that Englewood Four teens coerced into false confessions, Chicago Tribune

10/16/16, Lawsuit: Cash bail in Cook County violates rights of poor accused of crimes, Injustice Watch

09/19/16, David M. Shapiro commentary: Many questions remain in looming phaseout of for-profit prisons, Daily Herald

08/17/16, David M. Shapiro commentary: Private prisons are a public shame, Chicago Sun-Times

07/15/16, Locke Bowman commentary: Delays in Laquan McDonald case foster despair in Chicago, Chicago Tribune

05/20/16, St. Clair County sheriff, jail officials sued over 2014 suicide, Belleville News-Democrat

04/06/16, Sheila Bedi and Craig Futterman commentary: To truly reform police, give IPRA the boot, Chicago Sun-Times

03/10/16, Estate of St. Clair County Jail inmate who committed suicide sues county, Belleville News-Democrat

03/10/16, Suit says St. Clair County jailers responsible for inmate's suicide, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

02/17/16, Lawyers, Politicians Call for Special Prosecutor in McDonald Case, WBEZ

02/16/16, Special prosecutor sought in fatal Chicago police shooting, CBS News

02/16/16, Special prosecutor requested in Laquan McDonald case, Chicago Sun-Times

02/16/16, Civil Rights Attorneys Request Anita Alvarez Be Removed From Laquan McDonald Shooting Case, Seek Special Prosecutor, NBC5 WMAQ-TV

02/16/16, Laquan McDonald Police Shooting Needs Special Prosecutor, Petition Says, Huffington Post

02/16/16, Chicago politicians petition for special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald case, USA Today

02/16/16, Coalition seeks special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald slaying, Chicago Tribune

02/16/16, Alvarez Can't Be Trusted To Prosecute Police She's 'Beholden' To: Coalition, DNAinfo Chicago

02/15/16, Editorial: Secrets of how Chicago works may hide in grand jury record, Chicago Sun-Times

02/10/16, Claiming Emotional Trauma, Chicago Officer Countersues Victim's Estate, NPR

02/12/16, Koschman family attorneys critical of only cops being punished, Daily Herald

02/03/16, Police move to fire 1 Koschman cop, suspend 2 others, Chicago Sun-Times

02/01/16, Editorial: Another step back for Chicago Police reform, Chicago Sun-Times

01/30/16, 3 Koschman cops face punishment; 3 quit, avoid sanctions, Chicago Sun-Times

01/19/16, Opinion: State making it harder for ex-cons to go straight, David M. Shapiro in Chicago Sun-Times 

12/18/15 Alexa Van Brunt and Sheila A. Bedi commentary: How Abusive Police Practices Target Women of Color - and What Women Are Doing About It, Truthout

12/18/15 Chicago pays millions but punishes few in killings by police, New York Times

12/16/15 Locke Bowman and Flint Taylor commentary: Courts have sorry record in police abuse cases, Chicago Sun-Times

12/15/15 Glenn Evans acquittal, WBEZ

12/08/15 Mark Brown: Add Koschman to the mix in Justice Department probe, Chicago Sun-Times

12/02/15 Illinois inmates increasingly sued by state to recoup incarceration costs, The Guardian 

12/02/15 Emanuel dismisses top cop Garry McCarthy amid pressure for change, Chicago Tribune

11/18/15 David M. Shapiro commentary: Government Should Not Expel, Charge Students for Tasteless Speech, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

11/16/15 Lawyers for Muslim inmate appeal in religious freedom case, Charleston (WV) Gazette Mail

11/10/15 David M. Shapiro commentary: Fire top officials who claim bogus 'Ferguson effect,’ Chicago Sun-Times

10/26/15 Maine takes hard line on rules for how inmates communicate, Portland Press Herald

10/27/15 Sheila A. Bedi letter: Higher minimum sentences won't deter gun crimes, Chicago Sun-Times

10/06/15 Editorial: Cop promotion a slap in the face to Chicago, Chicago Sun-Times

10/01/15 Editorial: Nearly a million reasons why teen interrogation was wrong, Belleville News-Democrat

09/29/15 ‘Appalling’: St. Clair County to pay $900K to teen who says confession was coerced, Belleville News-Democrat

09/24/15 State prison reform plan held captive, Illinois Times

09/19/15 Justice delayed again, union appeals stall cop discipline, Chicago Sun-Times

09/17/15 Locke Bowman and Flint Taylor commentary: State’s attorney yet to apologize for Koschman case, Chicago Sun-Times

07/27/15 David M. Shapiro commentary: Do these little-noticed rulings point to a prison reform renaissance?, Crain’s Chicago Business

07/23/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Why New Jobs Are Not Worth the Price of Prisoners' Lives, Truthout

07/23/15 Locke Bowman commentary: Justice is lacking when system protects its own, Chicago Tribune

07/20/15 Sheila A. Bedi commentary: Lawlessness—of Chicago police—helps keep cycle of incarceration alive, Crain’s Chicago Business 

05/11/15 Reporter who exposed Chicago police torture 25 years ago reflects on historic reparations deal, Columbia Journalism Review

05/09/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Chicago, it's time to close the justice gap, Chicago Tribune

04/29/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Same-sex marriage and the case of race, The Hill

04/20/15 Suit says Mississippi lethal injection unconstitutional, Associated Press

04/19/15 How the "Gold Standard" of Police Accountability Fails Civilians by Design, Truthout

04/13/15 Chicago police unions fight inspector general as Koschman settlement moves forward, Chicago Sun-Times

04/11/15 Mississippi fights to keep execution drug supplier secret, Associated Press

04/06/15 Sheriff Marlin Gusman won't turn over jail records, Justice Department, inmate advocates say, New Orleans Times-Picayune

04/03/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: It’s time for lawyers in the US to do something about white privilege, Quartz

03/31/15 Suicidal OPP inmate killed self in unsupervised attorney visitation area, hearing reveals, New Orleans Advocate

03/26/15 Editorial: Speed up wheels of justice on police torture cases, Chicago Sun-Times

03/26/15 Inmates who allege police abuse by Burge may get hearing on innocence claims, Chicago Tribune

03/20/15 Wrongful conviction leads to record $20 million settlement, Chicago Sun-Times

03/20/15 Man Gets $20 Million Settlement for Wrongful Conviction After 20 Years Behind Bars, NBC-5 Chicago

03/19/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: After Boris Nemtsov's Murder, The U.S. Congress Needs To Act, Talking Points Memo

03/19/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Adult interrogation tactics in schools turn principals into police officers, The Guardian

03/12/15 BGA sues to get records in Koschman case, Chicago Sun-Times

03/09/15 Judge orders release of execution drug supplier's name, Associated Press

03/05/15 Sheila Bedi Commentary: Violence Against Women Won't Become History Until Mass Incarceration Is, Truthout

03/04/15 Editorial: MDOC Transparency and Execution Secrecy Don’t Mix, Jackson (MS) Free Press

03/03/15 State Asks Judge to Keep Source of Execution Drugs Secret, Associated Press

03/01/15 Lawsuit Says Prisoner Review Board Ignoring Risk-assessment Statute, Illinois Issues

02/26/15 'Mental anguish' law opposed by cop-killer debated in court, Associated Press

03/01/15 Monitors: Despite progress, risk of harm to OPP inmates still ‘extremely high,’ New Orleans Advocate

02/25/15 Federal monitor: Orleans Parish Prison making slow progress, needs 'laser sharp leadership,’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

02/18/15 David M. Shapiro commentary: Isolation, torture: Shine light on transformation of U.S. prisons, Crain’s Chicago Business

02/17/15 David M. Shapiro commentary: Illinois' prison fix requires action, not a commission, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

02/05/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Newest Wave of GOP Governors Should Support Prison Reform, Huffington Post

02/05/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Prosecutors shouldn't have immunity from their unethical – or unlawful – acts, The Guardian

02/02/15 Long-serving prisoners look for a way out, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

01/30/15 Judge orders tests for alleged evidence tampering in Juan Rivera case, Chicago Tribune

01/27/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: A New York Lesson for Chicago (and Elsewhere), The Marshall Project

01/26/15 Some Baton Rouge inmates serving excessive jail time: What’s the cause; how’s it being fixed?, Baton Rouge Advocate

01/25/15 State keeps 1,250 parolees behind bars due to housing shortage, Chicago Tribune

01/22/15 Imprisoned for poverty, Illinois Times

01/21/15 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: 5 Ways the US Criminal Justice System Violates Human Rights -- And How We Can Do Better, Huffington Post

01/19/15 Editorial: Taunts aside, Burge torture victims deserve compensation, Chicago Sun-Times

01/18/15 Sheriff reaches short-term deal for OPP improvements, New Orleans Advocate

01/16/15 Court order would set new deadlines for Orleans Parish Prison reforms, New Orleans Times-Picayune

01/10/15 Quinn pardons Beaman in 1993 murder case, Bloomington Pantagraph

01/07/15 Group says MDOC violated public records act, Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger

12/12/14 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: The ‘torture’ memos prove America’s lawyers don’t know how to be ethical, Washington Post

12/11/14 Lawyers say man convicted then exonerated of girl’s murder was framed, WGN-TV

12/10/14 Attorneys: Police planted blood on Juan Rivera's shoes in Waukegan slaying, Chicago Tribune

12/10/14 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: When Will Illinois Stop Unlawfully Holding People in Prison?, Truthout

12/08/14 Koschman cop found soft landing with state job, Chicago Sun-Times

12/05/14 Who polices the police? In Chicago, it’s increasingly ex-cops, WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio)

12/02/14 Locke E. Bowman commentary: The ugly truth behind the killing of Michael Brown, Crain’s Chicago Business

11/27/14 Editorial: Release Koschman grand jury records, Chicago Sun-Times

11/27/14 Alexa Van Brunt commentary: Mike Brown's Law is a start, but police body-cams are no panacea for violence, The Guardian

11/26/14 Quinn pardons 126, including 1 of Dixmoor Five, Chicago Tribune

11/19/14 After Burge kept pension, Illinois House votes to curb funds for crooks, Chicago Sun-Times

11/13/14 Tales differ on conditions at Cook County Jail, Chicago Tribune

11/10/14 “Cook County is Hell” Lawsuit charges brutality, mayhem at jail, The Gate, Chicago

11/09/14 While some Koschman cops await fate, many get big pensions, Chicago Sun-Times

11/03/14 David M. Shapiro commentary: Solitary confinement is overused in Illinois prisons, Chicago Sun-Times

10/27/14 Cook County Jail inmates testify in lawsuit alleging violence, Chicago Tribune

10/14/14 Dying at O.P.P. - Inmate deaths sometimes go uncounted at Orleans Parish Priso, New Orleans Times-Picayune

10/10/14 Expert testifies guard at Cook County Jail let inmates fight, Chicago Tribune

10/09/14 Expert: Cook County Jail one of the most dangerous in country, Chicago Tribune

10/07/14 Dying at O.P.P. - New Orleans jail officials say there is no need for outside investigators in deaths, New Orleans Times-Picayune

10/05/14 Editorial: When inmates die, Sheriff Gusman owes families the courtesy of a call, New Orleans Times-Picayune

10/03/14 Burge Released from Prison, Moves to Halfway House (Locke Bowman interview), CLTV

09/30/14 Dying at OPP - A look at 5 lawsuits against the New Orleans jail, New Orleans Times-Picayune

09/30/14 Dying at O.P.P. - Families kept in the dark when loved ones died in New Orleans jail, New Orleans Times-Picayune

09/29/14 Editorial: Burge leaving prison, but a mess remains, Chicago Sun-Times

09/25/14 In a Mississippi Jail, Convictions and Counsel Appear Optional, New York Times

09/24/14 Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of Jailing Mississippians Indefinitely, MacArthur Justice Center news release

09/24/14 Editorial: Statewide public defender program needed, Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger

09/23/14 Koschman mom appeals, pressing for answers in Daley nephew case, Chicago Sun-Times

09/23/14 Sheila Bedi: Seeking Transformative Justice in Ferguson, Dearborn, and Beyond, Huffington Post Black Voices

08/29/14 Mentally impaired teen's sobbing, distraught confession has lawyers seeking changes in Metro East, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

08/28/14 Editorial: Jury still out on justice in Koschman case, Chicago Sun-Times

08/28/14 Editorial: A coerced confession?, Belleville News-Democrat

08/27/14 Lawsuit Alleges St. Clair County Sheriff’s Officers Forced Innocent Teen to Falsely Confess to Armed Robbery and Spend Nine Months in Jail, MacArthur Justice Center news release

08/07/14 Teenagers in US prisons: it's time for the savagery and neglect to finally end, The Guardian

08/03/14 Case shut, questions linger about investigators in Murdock murder, Omaha World-Herald

08/03/14 Livers questioning said to deviate from standard practices, Omaha World-Herald

08/01/14 Carol Marin: Alvarez spokeswoman called reporters investigating Koschman case j--offs, Chicago Sun-Times

02/05/14 Editorial: Police Department needs to pay the price for handling of Koschman investigations, Chicago Sun-Times

02/05/14 Rahm offers sympathy to Koschman mom, Chicago Sun-Times

02/04/14 Daley quickly knew of nephew’s involvement, Chicago Sun-Times

02/04/14 Special prosecutor: Daley, family did not try to influence Koschman case, Chicago Tribune

02/04/14 Webb weighed charges against 6 cops, Chicago Sun-Times

02/04/14 Witnesses testified under immunity, Chicago Sun-Times

02/04/14 No evidence Daley influenced 2004 death investigation involving nephew, report says, WLS-TV

02/04/14 Special prosecutor says Daley did not try to influence Vanecko case, WGN-TV

02/04/14 Attorney: Clout Played a Role in Koschman Probe, NBC 5

02/03/14 Exonerated man files federal lawsuit against Chicago police, Chicago Tribune

02/03/14 The murder case against him tossed, man sues city, Chicago Police, Chicago Sun-Times

02/03/14 Daniel Taylor files wrongful conviction suit after 20-year prison term, WLS-TV, Chicago

02/03/14 3 get certificates of innocence after murder convictions dismissed, Chicago Tribune

01/17/14 David Shapiro and Alan Mills: Chicago ‘NATO 3’ trial limits public access, Chicago Sun-Times

01/03/14 Carol Marin: On verge of justice for Koschman, Chicago Sun-Times

12/30/13 Editorial: Good choice to head torture inquiry panel, Chicago Sun-Times

12/17/13 Lawyers push to find more alleged police torture victims from Burge era, Chicago Sun-Times

12/17/13 Judge to rule next year on Burge class action, Chicago Tribune

12/17/13 Prosecutors: Vanecko drank for eight hours before punching Koschman, Chicago Sun-Times

12/16/13 New Details Emerge as Former Mayor's Nephew Awaits Trial in Koschman Case, Ward Room blog, NBC 5

12/14/13 Sheila Bedi: We Can't Arrest Our Way to Safer Schools, U.S. News and World Report

12/12/13 Chicago torture saga grows, victim released from prison after 31 years, Christian Science Monitor

12/12/13 Stanley Wrice, alleged police torture victim, will not be retried in 1982 rape, Associated Press

12/12/13 Opinion: Burge Still Haunts Chicago, Ward Room blog, NBC 5

12/11/13 Victim of Burge crew leaves prison, Chicago Tribune

12/11/13 Another man freed in Chicago police torture saga, Associated Press

12/01/13 Sheila Bedi: Are Prisons Bleeding Us Dry?, Daily Beast

11/15/13 Carol Marin: The FOP’s misguided bid to ‘protect’ over release of Koschman report, Chicago Sun-Times

11/14/13 Editorial: Public a loser in latest Koschman case ruling, Chicago Sun-Times

11/13/13 Judge won’t unseal report, Chicago Sun-Times

11/13/13 Judge won't unseal report before Daley nephew's trial, Chicago Tribune

11/13/13 Judge Orders Koschman Report Sealed Until Trial, NBC 5

11/11/13 Lawsuits challenge Illinois' parole revocation process, Chicago Tribune

10/31/13 Wrongly accused seeks $4.5M from ex-CSI chief Kofoed, Omaha World-Herald

10/25/13 Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning's Fall From Grace, Huffington Post

10/24/13 Suit: Illinois parole revocation hearings 'a sham', Associated Press

10/23/13 Editorial: Public needs reassurance after botched murder case, Omaha World-Herald

10/21/13 Men falsely accused in 2006 murders to get $2.6 million in settlement, Omaha World-Herald

10/14/13 Wrongful convictions: Exonerated inmate wins early round in suit against Lake County officials, Chicago Tribune

10/10/13 NBC 5, Chicago Sun-Times Ask Court To Unseal Webb's Koschman-Vanecko Report, Ward Room blog, NBC 5

10/10/13 Unseal Koschman report, judge is urged, Chicago Sun-Times

10/02/13 Alexa Van Brunt of the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center discusses Chicago police torture cases on "Politics Tonight," CLTV

09/17/13 Judge clears way for lawsuit filed by men falsely accused of Nebraska murder, Lincoln (NE) Journal Star

09/18/13 Federal judge: 2 men wrongly accused of murder can proceed with lawsuit, Omaha World-Herald

09/21/13 Nanci Koschman: Questions Remain in Son's Death, NBC 5

09/20/13 Time haunts Nanci Koschman, Carol Marin column, Chicago Sun-Times

09/20/13 Editorial: Clout and the Koschman case, Chicago Tribune

09/20/13 No charges against Chicago police, prosecutors in Koschman case, Chicago Tribune

09/19/13 Prosecutor: Cops can't be charged, Chicago Sun-Times

09/19/13 Editorial:  No charges in Koschman case, but still plenty of stink, Chicago Sun-Times

09/19/13 No New Indictments in Koschman Case, Special Prosecutor Says, Ward Room blog, NBC 5

09/19/13 No new charges in deadly bar fight case involving Daley nephew; Report sealed until trial in death of David Koschman, WLS-TV

09/13/13 Preckwinkle praises Emanuel's apology for Burge era, Chicago Sun-Times

09/06/13 City moves forward on police brutality settlements involving former Lt. Jon Burge, WLS-TV

09/05/13 $12.3 million settlement in police torture case spares Daley from testifying, Chicago Sun-Times

09/05/13 $12.3M for 2 alleged Burge victims, Chicago Tribune

09/05/13 City Poised To Pay Another Police-Torture Settlement, WBBM

09/11/13 Emanuel apologizes for torture under former Chicago Police commander, cohorts, Chicago Sun-Times

09/11/13 Mayor: 'Sorry' for Burge torture era, Chicago Tribune

08/28/13 Beaman lawsuit focusing on Normal police, Bloomington Pantagraph

08/16/13 Tarnished Badges: They break the rules, commit crimes — but remain Chicago cops, Chicago Sun-Times

06/28/13 All charges dropped against man convicted in double slaying, Chicago Tribune

05/14/13 Daley nephew trial expected next year, grand jury still working, Chicago Sun-Times

05/09/13 Editorial: Innocence finding exacts costly toll on all involved, Bloomington Pantagraph

04/25/13 Alan Beaman formally declared innocent in Lockmiller killing, Bloomington Pantagraph

04/17/13 Koschman special prosecutor bills come to $1 million, Chicago Sun-Times

04/11/13 Editorial: Clear up all cases tainted by torture claims, Chicago Sun-Times

03/29/13 Clear up cover-up in Koschman case, Carol Marin column, Chicago Sun-Times

03/25/13 'Lost' files in Daley nephew case 'removed,' then mysteriously returned, Chicago Sun-Times

12/04/12 Silence painful as Koschman's mom speaks, Chicago Tribune

12/04/12 Chicago asks judge to vacate landmark verdict in beaten bartender case, Associated Press

12/03/12 Daley Nephew Charged 8 Years After Koschman Death, Ward Room blog, NBC 5

12/03/12 Remembering David Koschman, Ward Room blog, NBC 5

11/15/12 'Englewood 4' Say Cops Ignored Evidence That Could Clear Them, Chicago Sun-Times

11/15/12 'Englewood Four' Sue Over Wrongful Conviction For 1994 Rape, Murder, CBS Channel 2

10/30/12 Exonerated Man Says Cops, Prosecutors Framed Him in Girl's Slaying, Chicago Tribune

10/30/12 Juan Rivera Suing Lake County Officials Over Three Convictions, WBEZ (audio)

10/24/12 Suit Alleges 'Kangaroo Court' Juvenile Parole System, Chicago Tribune

10/24/12 Lawsuit Claims Illinois' Juvenile Parole System Is Unconstitutional, Illinois Issues blog

10/18/12 'Dixmoor 5' Sue Police, Claim Confessions Were Coerced, Chicago Tribune

10/17/12 'Dixmoor 5' Sue Over Wrongful Rape, Murder Convictions, Channel 2 coverage (video)

10/17/12 Lawyers Ask For Hearings On Prisoners Who May Be Victims Of Jon Burge's Police Abuse, Chicago Tribune

10/17/12 Editorial: Tortured Justice, Chicago Sun-Times

10/16/12 More Potential Burge Victims Want Justice, Chicago Tonight (video)

06/07/12 Man Freed After 21 Years Sues Chicago Police, Chicago Tribune

04/06/12 Special Prosecutor Ordered In Daley Nephew Case, ABC 7 News (video)

04/06/12 David Koschman Closer To Justice Than I Ever Thought Possible, Chicago Sun-Times

03/29/12 Judges Not Immune in Beaman Wrongful Conviction Suit, Pantagraph

03/13/12 Gov. Quinn's Proposal to Close Tamms Supermax Prison Got It Right, Huffington Post

03/12/12 City of Chicago to Pay Man $3.6 Million for Wrongful Conviction, Chicago Sun-Times

10/20/11 Chicago Ought to Change the Standard Ending to That Old Wrongful Conviction Story, Huffington Post

10/18/11 Ramsey County Medical Examiner at Center of Rodriguez Legal Challenge, MPR News

08/18/11 Demanding Justice for the Still-Imprisoned Burge Victims, Huffington Post

06/27/11 Airport Security: For What it's Worth, Huffington Post

06/08/11 Mass Incarceration Undoes California (And the Rest of Us Too), Huffington Post

05/25/11 A Time for Change or More of the Same at the Chicago Police Department?, Huffington Post

05/11/11 More Sobriety Please: Bin Laden's Death No Cause for Dancing in the Streets, Huffington Post

05/04/11 The Dark Side of the Daley Legacy: Enabler of Torture, Huffington Post

04/19/11 Prisoner Abuse in Wikileaks Case Puts Our Standards on Trial, Huffington Post

04/12/11 Chicago Police Miss the Message About the Cost of Wrongful Convictions, Huffington Post

04/05/11 A Supreme Miscalculation: High Court Should Revisit Prosecutorial Immunity, Huffington Post