Research Funding

Research Accounts

Many expenses that directly support research or professional development may be paid for or reimbursed using research account funds. Research account funds are allocated at the beginning of each fiscal year. Unspent research funds or research account overages may not carry between fiscal years.

Allowable Expenses

  • Professional membership dues
  • Research and conference-related expenses
  • Research assistant wages
  • Books and media relevant to research
  • Article printing and submission costs
  • Special or larger-scale postage and shipping

Travel Expenses

Expenses related to business travel may be paid or reimbursed using research account funds.

Reimbursement will occur after travel has concluded and within 90 days of original transaction. Please consult university travel policies or contact your faculty assistant for specific travel-related expense guidelines. 

Additional Computing Resources

Software, data sets, computing equipment, and peripherals beyond the primary office package may be purchased using research account funds.

Computing and peripheral purchases over $100 are subject to an approval process and must be procured via the IT department (see faculty computing policies for request form). Items purchased independently will not be reimbursed.

Please note that computing and peripheral requests must be approved by July 1 in order for expenses to post in the current fiscal year.  Equipment for use in a home office, or for an office located outside the law school, may not be purchased using law school funds.

Office-Related Purchases

With advance approval, allowable items to furnish or equip a law school office may be purchased using research account funds. These items must be procured via the Facilities department or using preferred vendors when possible.

Requests for items to furnish a law school office must be approved by July 1 in order for expenses to post in the current fiscal year.  Some orders may require 6-8 weeks processing time. Taxes paid on items purchased independently will not be reimbursed. 

Unallowable Expenses

These expenses are generally unallowable.  Occasional exceptions may be granted dependent on business purpose with prior approval and completion of an exception request form.

  • Local meals, parking, or transportation during regular working hours
  • Meals or refreshments for class
  • Meals exceeding $65 per attendee, including tax and gratuity
  • Taxes on retail purchases
  • Expenses identified as unallowable or not reimbursable per the Travel, Entertainment, and Courtesy guidelines, including personal, decorative, and entertainment-related items

If you have any questions about research account expense processes, please contact your faculty assistant.

Grant Support

Faculty are encouraged to seek external grant funding to support their research needs.  Please contact Derek Gundersen if you are interested in pursuing grant funding.

Funding Opportunities

National Science Foundation (NSF) – Law & Social Science Program

National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

Fulbright Scholar Program

Federalist Society

Princeton LAPA