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January 2018


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June 2017

April 2017


Contributions to Books etc.

April 2016

  • The Chicago Freedom Movement and the Federal Fair Housing Act in The Chicago Freedom Movement: Martin Luther King Jr. And Civil Rights Activism In The North, edited by Mary Lou Finley, Bernard LaFayette Jr., James R. Ralph Jr., and Pam Smith (2016).

Periodical Articles

November 2016

  • A “Notorious Litigant” and “Frequenter of Jails”: Martin Luther King, Jr., His Lawyers, and the Legal System, 10 Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy 494 (Co-authored by: Michelle Shaw, and Michal Crowder).


Contributions to Books etc.

July 2009

  • The entry for Earl Burrus Dickerson in Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, edited by Roger K. Newman (Yale University Press 2009) at Pages 162-163 (Co-authored by: Marcus Shepard ).


Periodical Articles

September 2008

  • Non-Violent Direct Action and the Legislative Process: The Chicago Freedom Movement and the Federal Fair Housing Act , 41 Indiana Law Review 663-715 (2008) (Co-authored by: Kathryn Shelton ).


Periodical Articles

January 2006

  • Race and Gender in the Law Review, 100 Northwestern University Law Review 27-70 (2006) (Co-authored by: Cynthia Grant Bowman, and Dorothy Roberts).


Periodical Articles

December 2005

  • Social Movements and Social-Change Litigation: Synergy in the Montgomery Bus Protest, 30 Law & Social Inquiry 663 (2005) (Co-authored by: Christopher Coleman, and Laurence D. Nee).

August 2005

  • A Missing Piece: Fair Housing and the Civil Rights Act, 48 Howard Law Journal 841-911 (2005) (Co-authored by: Ismail Alsheik).


Periodical Articles

May 2002

book review essay

  • Crimes Without Punishment: White Neighbors' Resistance to Black Entry, 92 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 335-428 (2002) (Co-authored by: Imani Perry) .


Books and other Monographs

March 2000

  • Crossing The Class And Color Lines: From Public Housing To White Suburbia (University of Chicago Press 2000) (Co-authored by: James E. Rosenbaum).