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January 2021


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November 2020


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October 2017


Periodical Articles

February 2013

  • A Tribute to Louise McKinney, 63 Case Western Reserve Law Review 285-287 (2012).


Contributions to Books etc.

November 2010

  • Access to Justice and Legal Education: Challenges and Suggestions in A Human Right To Legal Aid, edited by Paul Dalton and Hatla Thelle (Danish Institute for Human Rights 2010).


Periodical Articles

August 2008

  • Reform of Legal Education in Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Experience in the Context of History, the Present, and the Future , 22 Journal of Ethiopian Law 49-74 (2008) (Co-authored by: Emmanuel K. Quansah ).

May 2008

  • African Legal Education: A Missed Opportunity and Suggestions for Change: A Call for Renewed Attention to a Neglected Means of Securing Human Rights and Legal Predictability, 5 Loyola University of Chicago International Law Review 87-105 (2007) (Co-authored by: Emmanuel K. Quansah ).


Books and other Monographs

October 2007

  • Illinois: An Assessment Of Access To Counsel And Quality Of Representation In Delinquency Proceedings (Children and Family Justice Center, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Northwestern University School of Law and the National Juvenile Defender Center 2007) (Co-authored by: Bernardine Dohrn, Cathryn Crawford, Marjorie B. Moss, and Patricia Puritz ).

Contributions to Books etc.

September 2007

  • Assessing Children’s Competence to Stand Trial and to Waive Miranda Rights in Mental Health Needs of Young Offenders, edited by Carol L. Kessler and Louis James Kraus (Cambridge University Press 2007) (Co-authored by: Dr. Louis Kraus, and Dr. Peter Fink).

June 2007

  • Access to Justice: Challenges, Models, and the Participation of Non-Lawyers in Justice Delivery in Access To Justice In Africa And Beyond: Making The Rule of Law A Reality (Penal Reform International and the Bluhm Legal Clinic of the Northwestern University School of Law 2007) (Co-authored by: et al.).
  • L’Accès à la Justice: Problèmes, Modèles et Participation des Non-Avocats à la Prestation de Services Juridiques in L’accès À La Justice En Afrique Et Au-delà: Pour Que L’état De Droit Devienne Une Réalité, the French edition (Penal Reform International and the Bluhm Legal Clinic of the Northwestern University School of Law 2007) (Co-authored by: et al.).


Periodical Articles

June 2006

  • The Criminal/Juvenile Clinic as a Public Interest Law Office: Defense Clinics; The Best Way to Teach Justice, 75 Mississippi Law Journal 699-720 (2006).

January 2006

  • Legal Clinics and the Better Trained Lawyer (Redux): A History of Clinical Education at Northwestern, 100 Northwestern University Law Review 231-258 (2006).


Periodical Articles

December 2004

book review

  • Prisons and After Prison, 94 Journal of Criminal Law And Criminology 1149-1162 (2004) .

April 2004

  • Juvenile Justice and Strategies to Control Youth Violence: Is There a Conflict?, 94 Journal of Criminal Law And Criminology 481-496 (2004).

February 2004

  • Trying to Understand America's Death Penalty System and Why We Still Have It, 94 Journal of Criminal Law And Criminology 209-237 (2003).


Books and other Monographs

March 2003

  • In Re Pena: Representing Children And Families In Juvenile Court, Problems And Case File (National Institute for Trial Advocacy 2003) (Co-authored by: Diane Geraghty, and Angela C. Vigil).

Periodical Articles

April 2003

  • Cook County Criminal Law Practice in 1929: A Community's Response to Crime and a Notorious Trial, 92 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 555-607 (2002).


Books and other Monographs

August 2001

  • Exercises And Problems In Professional Responsibility, 2nd ed. (NITA 2001) (Co-authored by: Steven Lubet, and Robert P. Burns) .


Periodical Articles

May 2000

book review

  • Charting a New Course for Juvenile Justice: Listening to Outsiders, 90 Journal of Criminal Law And Criminology 363-389 (1999) (Co-authored by: Thomas F. Geraghty) .


Periodical Articles

June 1999

book review

  • Treating the Mentally-Ill Offender: The Challenges of Creating an Effective, Safe and Just System, 89 Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 393-402 (1998) (Co-authored by: Dr. Louis J. Kraus) .