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(formerly named the Colloquy)
  Race Matters in Jury Selection [citation]   Peter A. Joy
  The #Ferguson Effect: Opening the Pandora's Box of Implicit Racial Bias in Jury Selection [citation]   Sarah Jane Forman
  Hidden Racial Bias: Why We Need to Talk with Jurors About Ferguson [citation]   Patrick C. Brayer

Current Issue: Summer 2014, Volume 108, Issue 4

  Trial by Google: Judicial Notice in the Information Age [citation]   Jeffrey Bellin & Andrew Guthrie Ferguson
  Free Exercise Reconceived: The Logic and Limits of Hosanna-Tabor [citation]   Christopher C. Lund
  Better Bounty Hunting: How the SEC's New Whistleblower Program Changes the Securities Fraud Class Action Debate [citation]   Amanda M. Rose
  How Congress Should Fix Personal Jurisdiction [citation]   Stephen E. Sachs
  Choosing the "Per-Debtor" Approach to Plan Confirmation in Multi-Debtor Chapter 11 Proceedings [citation]   Suzanne T. Brindise
  Command Responsibility: A Small-Unit Leader's Perspective [citation]   Jeremy Dunnaback
  Linking Rule 9(b) Pleading and the First-to-File Rule to Advance the Goals of the False Claims Act [citation]   Karin Lee
  Shareholders on Shaky Ground: Section 271's Remaining Loophole [citation]   Alex Righi
  Of Bitcoins, Independently Wealthy Software, and the Zero-Member LLC [citation]   Shawn Bayern