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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Colloquy 2008

Colloquy 2008

  The Jurisdictional Time Limit for an Appeal:  The Worst Kind of Deadline—Except for All Others [pdf] [citation]   E. King Poor 2008-1
  Sad Time:  Thoughts on Jurisdictionality, the Legal Imagination, and Bowles v. Russell [pdf] [citation]   Perry Dane 2008-2
  Congressional Polarization Due to Maximizing Political Satisfaction:  Why Elhauge's Current Enactable Preferences Default Rule Fails to Avoid the Congressional Deadlock and Polarization that Stems from Expansionist Statutory Interpretation [pdf] [citation]   Timothy J. Droske 2008-3
  Hot Spots in the Legislative Climate Change Proposals [pdf] [citation]   Carol M. Rose 2008-4
  Balancing Mandate and Discretion in the Institutional Design of Federal Climate Change Policy [pdf] [citation]   Robert L. Glicksman 2008-5
  Jurisdiction, Merits, and Procedure:  Thoughts on Dodson's Trichotomy [pdf] [citation]   Howard M. Wasserman 2008-6
  Appreciating Mandatory Rules:  A Reply to Critics [pdf] [citation]   Scott Dodson 2008-7
  The Unavailability Requirement [pdf] [citation]   Aaron R. Petty 2008-8
  Climate Change Legislation in Context [pdf] [citation]   Hari M. Osofsky 2008-9
  "Too Plain for Argument?" The Uncertain Congressional Power to Require Parties to Choose Presidential Nominees Through Direct and Equal Primaries [pdf] [citation]   Richard L. Hasen 2008-10
  Sprint/United Management Co. V. Mendehlson: The Supreme Court Appears to have Punted on the Admissibility of "Me Too" Evidence of Discrimination. But Did It? [pdf] [citation]   Mitchell H. Rubinstein 2008-11
  What Twombly and Mead Have in Common [pdf] [citation]   Amy J. Wildermuth 2008-12
  Antitrust Issues Raised by the Emerging Global Internet Economy [pdf] [citation]   David S. Evans 2008-13
  The Problematic Nature of Contractionist Statutory Interpretation [pdf] [citation]   Brian G. Slocum 2008-14
  Human Rights and Globalization: Putting the Race to the Top in Perspective [pdf] [citation]   Holning Lau 2008-15
  Bargaining in the Shadow of the European Microsoft Decision: The Microsoft-Samba Protocol [pdf] [citation]   William H. Page & Seldon J. Childers 2008-16
  Engaging Capital Emotions  [pdf] [citation]   Douglas A. Berman & Stephanos Bibas 2008-17
  A Floor, Not a Ceiling: Federalism and Remedies for Violations of Constitutional Rights in Danforth v. Minnesota  [pdf] [citation]   Ilya Somin 2008-18
  The Many Mendelsohn "Me Too" Missteps: An Alliterative Response to Professor Rubinstein  [pdf] [citation]   Paul Secunda 2008-19
  Sprint/United Management Company v. Mendelsohn and Case-by-Case Adjudication of "Me Too" Evidence of Discrimination  [pdf] [citation]   David L. Gregory 2008-20
  The Significance of Sprint/United Management Company v. Mendelsohn: A Reply to Professors Gregory and Secunda  [pdf] [citation]   Mitchell H. Rubinstein 2008-21
  Ordeal By Innocence: Why There Should Be a Wrongful Incarceration/Execution Exception to Attorney-Client Confidentiality  [pdf] [citation]   Colin Miller 2008-22
  Heller's Future in the Lower Courts  [pdf] [citation]   Glenn H. Reynolds & Brannon P. Denning 2008-23
  What Riegel Portends for FDA Preemption of State Law Products Liability Claims  [pdf] [citation]   Catherine M. Sharkey 2008-24
  Competition and Privacy in Web 2.0 and the Cloud  [pdf] [citation]   Randal C. Picker 2008-25
  Rediscovering the Law's Moral Roots  [pdf] [citation]   Morris B. Hoffman 2008-26
  Child Rape, Moral Outrage, and the Death Penalty  [pdf] [citation]   Susan A. Bandes 2008-27
  Beyond Guantanamo, Obstacles and Options  [pdf] [citation]   Gregory S. McNeal 2008-28
  The Case for Field Preemption of State Laws in Drug Cases  [pdf] [citation]   Richard A. Epstein 2008-29
  Finding a Happy and Ethical Medium Between a Prosecutor Who Believes the Defendant Didn't Do It and the Boss Who Says That He Did  [pdf] [citation]   Melanie D. Wilson 2008-30
  If Obscenity Were To Discriminate  [pdf] [citation]   Barry P. McDonald 2008-31
  No Third Class Processes for Foreigners  [pdf] [citation]   Benjamin G. Davis 2008-32
  Crying Havoc Over the Outsourcing of Soldiers and Democracy's Slipping Grip on the Dogs of War  [pdf] [citation]   Joshua S. Press 2008-33
  The Influence of Ex Parte Quirin and Courts-Martial on Military Commissions  [pdf] [citation]   Morris D. Davis 2008-34
  Continuing the Debate About Presidential Debates  [pdf] [citation]   Alexander J. Blenkinsopp 2008-35
  Is Military Law Relevant to the "Evolving Standards of Decency" Embodied in the Eighth Amendment?  [pdf] [citation]   Corey Rayburn Yung 2008-36
  A Comment on Rosenberg's New Edition of The Hollow Hope  [pdf] [citation]   Richard Delgado 2008-37
  Dysfunctional Deference and Board Composition: Lessons from Enron  [pdf] [citation]   Bernard S. Sharfman & Steven J. Toll 2008-38
  Diversity and Race-Neutrality  [pdf] [citation]   Kenneth L. Marcus 2008-39
  On Jurisdictional Elephants and Kangaroo Courts  [pdf] [citation]   Stephen I. Vladeck 2008-40
  The Case for a Constitutional Easement Approach to Permanent Monuments in Traditional Public Forums  [pdf] [citation]   Paul E. McGreal 2008-41
  Military Commissions and National Security Courts After Guantánamo  [pdf] [citation]   Amos N. Guiora 2008-42
  Instead of ENDA, A Course Correction for Title VII  [pdf] [citation]   Jennifer S. Hendricks 2008-43
  Introducing the New and Improved Americans with Disabilities Act: Assessing the ADA Amendments Act of 2008  [pdf] [citation]   Alex B. Long 2008-44
  An Ounce of Prevention: Solving Some Unforeseen Problems with the Proposed Amendments to Rule 56 and the Federal Summary Judgment Process  [pdf] [citation]   Adam N. Steinman 2008-45
  The Future of International Antitrust and Improving Antitrust Agency Capacity  [pdf] [citation]   D. Daniel Sokol 2008-46
  Honor's Constitutional Moment: The Oath and Presidential Transitions  [pdf] [citation]   Paul Horwitz 2008-47
  The Lecture Notes of St. George Tucker: A Framing Era View of the Bill of Rights  [pdf] [citation]   David T. Hardy 2008-48