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Northwestern University Law Review : Issues : Volume 100, Issue 3

Volume 100, Issue 3

  Efficient Trespass:  The Case for "Bad Faith" Adverse Possession [citation]   Lee Anne Fennell 1037-1096
  A Constitutional Hierarchy of Religions?  Justice Scalia, the Ten Commandments, and the Future of the Establishment Clause [citation]   Thomas B. Colby 1097-1140
  Tiresias and the Justices:  Using Information Markets to Predict Supreme Court Decisions [citation]   Miriam A. Cherry & Robert L. Rogers 1141-1196
  Redundant Tax and Spending Programs [citation]   Nancy Staudt 1197-1250
  After Public Interest Law [citation]   Scott L. Cummings & Ingrid V. Eagly 1251-1294
  The Red Menace, Revisited [citation]   David E. Bernstein 1295-1324
  Calling a Lemon a Lemon:  Regulating Electronic Gambling Machines to Contain Pathological Gambling [citation]   Bradley S. Fiorito 1325-1366
  Why the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Proves the Case for a New Zealand-Style Comprehensive Social Insurance Plan in the United States [citation]   James C. Harris 1367-1408
  West Virginia's Painful Settlement:  How the OxyContin Phenomenon and Unconventional Theories of Tort Liability May Make Pharmaceutical Companies Liable for Black Markets [citation]   Joseph B. Prater 1409-1438
  Invoking the Penalty:  How Florida's Felon Disenfranchisement Law Violates the Constitutional Requirement of Population Equality in Congressional Representation, and What to Do About It [citation]   Katherine Shaw 1439-1477